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Guild Wars 2 Achievement Improvements

There’s still alot of potential I’d like to see gettign Achievements improved with and to let them provide also more content with, especially with the lastly new implemented achievement categories. But I think there are also more possible Achievement Categories i want to talk about here.

My personal biggest concerns about achievements are these things:

  • WvW Achievement Redesign
  • Achievement Rewards/ Meta-Achievements and Achievement Ranks
  • Titles and Achievement Title Improvements
  • Missing Achievement Potential

This are basically the 4 topics I want to talk about here.

ANet keeps on talking about now like 1 and a freaking half years, that they are working on changing the WvW Achievements. by this time, they have yet never given us any information about it, whats so freakign hard about it to change just some simple numbers to make gw2 gold us finally reachable in a person’s game life time of approx like 10 years if you exaggerate it to the max and you play this game ultra slow in regard of your personal progress in it xD!!!

WvW players complain now since two years, that way too many of those achievements take way too long time, and that WvW Achievements feel completely unrewarding –which they freaking are really compared to PvP/E reward systems and the AP you get from all the effort compared to how fast you gain AP in the other game modes.

WvW has 16 achievements, among them being basically just only 1 possible to reach, if you grind like crazy in karma trains for several months for kills or get somehow help from other players of other servers being free kills for you to speed up the progress on the kill achievement.
So lets begin how these achievements should get changed 1 by 1:

Realm Avenger
Currently 6 Ranks, 51AP Reward Total, 1 uncreative boring sounding Title Reward.
Requires 250000 Kills for Max.
Change it to: 20 Ranks, 417 AP Reward Total, Change the Login Screen Rank to let it slightly alter itself more to have 20 tiers

R1 = 100 Kills = 5AP
R2 = 500 Kills = 7 AP
R3 = 1250 Kills = 10 AP
R4 = 2000 Kills = 10 AP
R5 = 3000 Kills = 10 AP
R6 = 5000 Kills = 15 AP
R7 = 7500 Kills = 15 AP
R8 = 10000 Kills = 15 AP
R9 = 15000 Kills = 20 AP
R10 = 20000 Kills = 20 AP
R11 = 25000 Kills = 20 AP
R12 = 30000 Kills = 25 AP
R13 = 35000 Kills = 25 AP
R14 = 50000 Kills = 25 AP
R15 = 65000 Kills = 30 AP
R16 = 80000 Kills = 30 AP
R17 = 95000 Kills = 30 AP
R18 = 115000 Kills = 35 AP
R19 = 135000 Kills = 35 AP
R20 = 155000 Kills = 35 AP

Rewards aside the increased amount for AP from 51 to 417:
Each Rank Up after R8 should receive players a special Reward Chest with significant higher chances to receive Ascended Item Boxes of Stat Choice as also precursors.
With every Rank Up should increase also the value of items you receive from WvW Rank Up Chests so that players get an incentive to increase their WvW Ranks more with Player Kills, rather than with Karma Train Farming undefended places nonstop.
By reducing the total amount of required kills by roughly 100K Kills and increasing the amount of ranks for more AP, this achievement will become alot more doable, is still a challenge but would be alot more rewarding for dedicated WvW players and would reward alot more players, that go rather consntalty for killing other players and seeking the confrontations, rather than avoiding it, so that the Zergs can better farm in circles without disturbance >.>

Points Counting should get changed for this title also. More things need to count towards the title and using WvWExP Boosters should also have influence on the Point Counters.

Killing a Player should net you 2 Points towards the title, if you use a WvW ExP Booster.
Killing a Mercenary/Guard should from now on also count towards the Realm Avenger, even if its no Player that you kill, Mercenaries are buffed stronger NPCs with higher levels and this alone should be worth it, that they should count also as kills, but only those, that defend places, not just simple going around patrols. So only those NPCs in Towers and Keeps that you kill should count also towards this title.

Other Rewards:
On every Rank Up of this Achievement, player should get from those Reward Chests also an increasiing amount of Badges of Honor, as also useful Materials for Crafting, like Obsidian Shards, T6 Materials on higher Rank ups ecz, so that those Rank Ups become helpful on your way on crafting maybe your first legendary weapon later, once you reach R20 with an alot higher guaranteed chance to be ready for it at that Rank due to the reward of R20 being a guaranteed accountbound precursor of choice which can’t be sold.
This way the reward system of WvW Achievement feels more sort alike the Living Story Achievements, where every Achievement rewards you also with some materials or other useful things you you may need somewhen later for something other useful.
With one word. rewards in GW2 need to become significantly more sustainable
Noithing that you receive there should be just useless junk that finds its way directly into the garbage tin of being instant deleted. No, everythign should have somewhere its purpose of beign a good reward for the player and of the player maybe can#t use the reward instantly, then maybe later for somethign else, that will be more useful for the player in a different way.

Just only AP and some generic titles alone aren’t rewarding enough for WvW Achivements. There needs to be more.
Implement among those Ranks new WvW Unique FINISHING MOVES
Every like 4 Ranks there should be one new WvW Unique Finishing Move
That would make up for 5 unique WvW Finishers, examples:

R4 = Bombardement Finisher = An Airship bombards the place after you finished the foe.
R8 = Triumphant Fanfare Finisher = Pierce the dead corpse of your foe with a very beautiful big War Banner letting also a War Fanfare play up at the moment.
R12 = Dolyak Calf Finisher = Let a Dolyak Calf finish you of with its pure amount of cuteness.
R16 = Charr Tank Finisher = Let a Charr Tank crush your finished foe into the ground even deeper to see the radishs from below the ground even more.
R20 = Nebulous War Hero Finisher = a special Finisher worthy of a legendary War Hero of the Mists, who killed of hundreds of thousands of enemies on the eternal battlefields of the mists. A special changing animation thats is based on your equipped weapon with that you finish off your foe based on the Mistforged Hero Weapons beign part of the animation.


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Cost Of Precursor On Tp In Guild Wars 2

To the OP’s points:

  • Precursor prices are higher than ever, but that doesn’t mean they are “too high.”
  • If you really want to acquire one, there are a number of ways to do so without “playing” the TP.

Of course it’s frustrating when your goal was to save up 600g but the weapon’s cost has skyrocketed to 1,200. On the other hand, that 100% increase is far less than what we’ve seen for other coveted weapons.

There are several reasons for the recent dramatic increase in prices:

  • The wardrobe (and the ability to wield the legendary skin on every character) spiked demand.
  • Inflation plays a role, too. With the game nearing its second anniversary, players have acquired more and more wealth (my friend logs on once every two weeks now and each time she comes back, she throws some of her hoarded inventory on the TP and returns to find 80-120g waiting for her). We’ve figured out ever more efficient farming techniques.
  • There’s been a decrease in supply: people who were mass-producing precursors in the Mystic Forge have slowed or stopped their assembly lines (the profits have sharply decreased due to changes in which exotics Zommy offers as consolation prizes).

There’s no easy way for ANet to resolve this:

  • If they increase the drop rate a tiny amount, the cost of building a legendary might actually increase: more people will start hoarding T6 mats and lodestones, driving prices of those items up (and there’s precedent that suggests that even precursor prices would rise, too).
  • If they increase the drop rate by too much, then legendaries become devalued for the current owners.

The problem is as much sociological or psychological as economic: as humans, we covet things that are cool-looking and rare…until everyone has gw2 gold us and then we want the next new thing that no one else has. (Sure, a lot of us will want the item for its own sake, but it’s the others that will dominate the demand that affects market prices.)

I think those of us without legendaries are, unfortunately, going to have to tough it out until ANet announces Legendary Set II or Legendary Armor and splinters the demand.