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Stop Blk Farm & Fix Keys/chests In Guild Wars 2

Please remove the Black Lion Key Farm

There has been a ton of commotion about the possible removal of the BLK farm (aka, moving the key to level 20 instead of 10.) Please do so, for the following reasons:

  • The key farm takes you out of the game. You literally have to log out every 20 minutes just to do this farm.
  • It is extremely repetitive! You are doing the same 15 minutes of content a million times, running the same exact route, and everything. It is horribly boring.
  • It is almost 100% a waste of time, as you need to spend 10 hours farming for maybe 1 weapon.
  • It inflates the number of Keys in the game by quite a bit.
  • It literally forces you to erase progress on a character, use up a character slot, and put effort into this exploit. (Yeah, I would call it an exploit, essentially.)

So now, once we have removed the BLK Farm, that leaves us with a whole hell of a lot less keys, OH NO! WHAT WILL WE DO? Fix the price of keys (yes), or fix the drop rates in the chests (no.)

Please lower the price of Black Lion Keys

Why lower the price of keys instead of fixing the drop rates in the chests? simple!

  • You won’t reward those who have stockpiled keys from farming them.
  • It is MUCH less work, and if you already think chests are balanced RNG wise, you’re all set!
  • It will give a good option for a gold sink & an option to spend money on that isn’t a HUGE waste!

What price should they be?

  • 25 keys for 800 gems. This gives a nice package of keys to someone for $10, which is a very reasonable price to pay, say, once a month, to get a weapon skin. This also puts it at just above 100g to get 25 keys, which isn’t bad at all.
  • 5 keys for 200 gems, giving you something to spend that 200 gems on after buying a weapon skin for 600.
  • 1 key for 50 gems, allowing you to pick a couple up with gw2 gold to complete that ticket if you are off a few scraps.

Why do I suggest these prices?

Well lets look at it right now, currently it is 125 for one key, 450 for 5, and 2100 for 25 keys. It takes at least 25 keys (this is lowering for sure, but makes it fairly easy for calculations) to get one weapon ticket from scraps. These weapons sell for 100-50g. So you have to spend 2100 gems just to get the chance at one weapon skin. You sell weapon skins for 600 gems. Thats 1500 more, thats almost $20 extra, just for a chance at a weapon skin. So what should it be? Well, since you can get lucky, we don’t want it super low (we don’t want 30+ keys, which guarantees 1 skin to be 600 gems), but since you can get unlucky, we don’t want it super high (like it is right now, its literally useless to ever buy keys, ever, unless you want to literally flush your money down the toilet). We need a happy medium, where $10 gets you a decent chance at a skin.


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Rewards After Two Years Of Guild Wars 2

We two must play different games, because you don’t get rewarded with any ascended mats from doing Dungeons at all.
If you go into a Dungeon and beat that dungeon, all what you get are:

1-3 gw2 gold regarding which Dungeon and which Path you played sucessfullyAround 60 Tokens of that Dungeon daily for that one PathThe Champ Bosses drop MoneyBags/Token Bags .

But you don’t get any Ascended Materials from Dungeons and you can’t trade your Tokens for Ascended Materials also.
The only way you get Ascended Materials there is from Bosses, that drop exotic Loot Bags. But the Dungeons self give you nothing like that and if you just go into Dungeons for the very few Dungeon bosses that drop their exotic Loot Bags for the Ascended Materials, then you’re wastign your time, because you could get outside of Dungeons alot faster those exotic Loot Bags.

However, gettign rewarded should happen in this game under the point, that you should be able to play the game, as you like, and every way of playing this game should offer you rewards, that you wan,t that you need, that are useful for you and that feel really rewarding, because getting rewarded with it means, you don’t have to go through the typical grind for it anymore.
When a reward removes grind for me, then I feel really rewarded, like a real relief, because I know then – wow, thank goodness, I don’t have to waste countless hours anymore to get that thing … I just got it though doing something in the game that I like to do … and you know that that means ?

It means FUN – it means it makes players HAPPY, it means that its more likely that players don’t get bored or even frustrated over so quickly of this game, if the reward systems of GW2 would be just better and feel, you know, like being really rewards!

Greens and Blues (Luck Junk), Thorns and other grey garbage that sell for a few copper coins 99% of all times and rares, which don’t guaranteed give at least 1 ectoplasm glob from salvaging them aren’t rewards, because its all just useless stuff, thats uninteresting for an endgame character-player.

GW1 was there alot better with its junk management, the game had even for every kind of junk NPC which COLLECT that junk to offer you somethign thats worthful for you to get rid of all that useless garbage and get something for it, that is rewardign for you, like a special weapon/armor skin that you could get ONLY from that NPC, or somwe kind of item, that if you sell it, brought you at least some money, while selling all that junk would have not, or you could trade it for consumeable items.

This could all work here again, if ANet would just put in a tiny bit more effort into nostalgia and implemente a few good things of GW1 back into GW2, like those said Junk Trader NPCs.

Here an example of how it could work: Junk Trader X in Map Y tradign Items for Fish Fins. Thiose Junk Traders would collect what you give them in a cumulative way, if you reach the Maximum, their Collection resets for you and you can repeat it as often as you want…

Give him 5 Fish Fins and get back a Money Bag
Give him 15 Fish Fins and get a Material Bag with T1-3 Materials inside
Give him 25 Fish Fins and get a Material Bag with T4-6 Materials inside
Give him 50 Fish Fins and get 10 Money Bags
Give him 75 Fish Fins and get a Black lion Key
Give him 100 Fish Fins and get a Weapon of Choice of his Trade Weapons that he shows you then
Give him 150 Fish Fins and receive a few Unidentified Colors
Give him 200 Fish Fins and receive a Box of Fun, a random Booster and 10 Money Bags
Give him 250 Fish Fins and get an Equipment Part of Choise of his Trade Armors that he shows you then.

other Junk Traders could offer you completely different rewards then for their stuff that they collect, but at least this way would become al the junk that you get 99,9% of all times valuable for the player and not something, that you either instantly throw away so that it doesn’t clutter your inventory full, or sell later for the few copper coins, that if you have enough junk with you are just enough to reinvest it into a salvage kit…