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Guild Wars 2 Class For Dungeoning

As an Engineer in dungeons, I usually don’t feel very special. All I’m doing is deal out as much damage as I can, stack vulnerability and maybe stack some might or stealth if needed.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m well aware that Mesmers are in a tough spot in PvE right now. However, it feels so good to actively help my team in certain situations. In Arah p1, all the eye turrets become trivialized, I can safely portal my teammates when the ooze splits, I can ensure perma-burning on the tar, as long as my team contributes. As for the final boss, I can just summon a couple of wardens and my team can just sit back and spam autoattacks.

In path 2, the mighty Alphard can’t even touch me or my team while we DPS her down.There are many more similar examples. Truthfully, I’m sure my teammates don’t even realize half of the stuff I’m doing to help (at least in pugs).

I know that they’re not things that are worth much. I’m mainly just making life easier for my party, rather than meaningfully contribute to the completion like an Elementalist.But, because I know all this, I always appreciate having a good Mesmer in my party.