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Guild Wars 2 New Level 80 – Gear Advice for WvW

I’m almost level 80 and have some questions I’m still trying to answer. Overall, my plan is to focus mostly on WvW, with PvE being mainly a focus to work on my gear. From what I understand, gear plays a big part in WvW, but once you have a solid set of exotics you should be good.

My plan on gear progression was to first grab some cheap, green level 80 gear (budget <30 silver so cheap stuff). From there, I would aim to obtain a full set of exotic armor, with the intention of replacing pieces with Ascended items overtime. After a few months, my goal is to have full Ascended armor through purchases and crafting.

This brings me to my questions below:

Karma – I read somewhere a long time ago it was important to save up your Karma for level 80 gear. So I haven’t spent any, now totaling around 180K. Can I buy gear (such as exotics) directly with Karma? Or is it better to use this for something else (such as legendary items, runes, upgrades?).

Laurels – I have also been saving these. I believe I saw that you can buy Ascended armor with these. Is that correct? Is there a better use for these?

Gold – I’ve also collected around 25 gold. While not much, I want to make sure I get the most use out of it. I was planning to use this, coupled with all the various materials found while leveling, and work on crafting (Armor/Jewelcrafting).

1) You may desire to change your build at some point, after you gain more experience in WvW.

2) Rare gear can be salvaged for ectoplasm to recover some/all of the cost, once you save more gw2 gold eu. Exotic weapons are often cheaper than armor and you only need a few at first.

I wouldn’t bother with jewelcrafting, pick another craft that benefits your profession. The reason is Ascended jewelery isn’t currently craftable, and it’s easily available (albeit time gated through laurels/guild missions). Jewelcrafting as a craft is mainly good for leveling EXP currently and you’re already 80.

Dungeons are a good way to get gear, assuming you can stand them. AC/SE/HotW for soldier’s stat gear (warrior/guardian frontline mainly, but good for survival on any class while learning) or CoF/CoE for berzerker gear (not recommended for zerg fighting, especially for beginners, but a few pieces can boost damage).


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Dungeons are at the moment one of the most profitable things in Guild Wars 2

Dungeons are at the moment one of the most profitable things to do. I’d advise a daily CoF run or two, as it’s the fastest and easiest to pug. Fractals is very profitable too.Just do the daily every day, by the time you’re not even close to having the amount of gold you need you’ll have enough jugs for the ~1 million karma needed. (Don’t forget to use 50% karma boosters, and 15% guild boost + 5% karma banner when using your karma jugs). The daily will also provide you with the Mystic Coins you need for the Mystic Clovers.

For WvW badges ask if there’s a Mesmer in the Eternal Battlegrounds Jumping Puzzle, because that will provide you with 15 badges per day. Try and check there often. It also helps a lot if you have other characters, because they too can open the chest once a day.

For the Orichalcum mine the Rich orichalcum vein in Southsun Cove every day (it respawns 24 hours after you mined it), again, having alts helps a lot because they too can mine the orichalcum daily.For the crafting disciplines, look up guides to use the least amount of gold to max them to 400.Skillpoints you’ll get from doing dungeons.

Before anything, do Mystic Clovers first as they’ll provide you with other t6 materials that you need (and if you’re really lucky even some Lodestones)Charged lodestones… it’s just a huge grind, I’m sorry. Get these last, as they’re pretty much at their peak in price. Wouldn’t surprise me if anet upped the droprate for these as so many people are complaining about it and anet listens to whiners. (Or you can do daily CoE runs to get charged cores/lodestones)

Also, if you’re gonna buy them, buy Charged Cores instead and convert them to Lodestones, it’ll save A LOT of money (but costs skillpoints, definitely worth it though, like I said, gold is your biggest pitfall in crafting a legendary).That pretty much covers it all I think. Gold is your biggest problem obviously, and there really aren’t many shortcuts unless you play the TP and make a killing somehow, but it’s very hard as there’s a lot of competition.