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Some races which is another ~0.03% FFXIV DPS increase

Thing is, most people are not dedicated enough to get these pentamelded accessories, given the current price of materia and that the last 2 melds are 10% and 4%… We’re not made of FFXIV gil you know.
Im not particularly experienced with that BiS Solver, as seen by my error with that Det Set =P
So, care to make a “BiS” set WITHOUT any melded gear, for those of us with empty pockets. =)

The point remains, the difference between a set with the best possible combination of stats that money can buy, and one without the pentamelded accessories, is really only 1%.
Hell, even trying to max out Det, to reduce the reliance on Crit RNG makes the set’s theoretical value only about 2% less than an ideal… but with less RNG.

You posted the formula somewhere sometimes ago lol. Also I think your ff14gilhub set is fairly close to BiS if not BiS if you don’t want to meld anything. In the end though, I’d much rather not lose any health on the left side for progression reasons, but the belt is just too good and too cheap to not craft. The extra 4 piety from the food can also mean the difference between Thunder II and Thunder I for some races which is another ~0.03% DPS increase I think.


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FFXIV – Working on a Conjurer/WHM

Fun times for me today. I’m working on a Conjurer/WHM alt, and I decided to queue for my leveling roulette. I’m a little green when it comes to healing, but it’s challenging and I really enjoy what I’ve learned how to do so far.

I’m only level 23, so the choices for leveling roulette are limited to Satsasha, Tam Tara, and Copperbell. I zone in and, to my luck, it’s Satsasha. I Protect the party and apologize for being new. Arcanist is also new, but well-geared despite that, and the Rogue a few pulls in complements us on how well we’re doing.

Only in what I’ve been doing, FF14GilMall was watching our Marauder’s HP plummet, having to constantly spam Heal on him to keep him up during 3- and 4-mob pulls. It was to the point where I would hop into Cleric Stance, hit the target with Aero, and his HP would have gone from full to 25%, forcing me to play catch up.

I take a look at the guy’s gear, and I see nothing but normal quality level 15 armor and weapon on the left side, with nothing on the right (and the guy is synced down to 18). So naturally, this explains a lot, and I just assume the person is new. And especially given some of the rookie mistakes he was making, the Rogue and I decided to give him some advice. Rogue suggests pulling the trash pack to the ranged mobs in the group; I suggest using LoS pulls, marking, and buying rings. The Marauder then gets really indignant, and starts telling us off–the Rogue because they weren’t attacking his target (and so pulling off him), and myself because he’d never seen his HP drop so low on “sastasha lol”. I retort that he’s actually so squishy that I don’t even have time to keep Aero up, and that the extra gear could really help, and he says not to worry because he’s at A3S on his main and, again, “it’s just sastasha lol”.

So the Rogue earns his commendation with: “I find it hard to believe that you’re running A3S when you can’t even tank Satsasha properly.”

Tank enters crybaby mode, completely out of retorts, and chainpulls the rest of the dungeon, forcing me to burn through all of my mana to keep them up. And I have to give strong credit to our Arcanist in the group, because when I started to struggle, I noticed them throwing in Psychik casts to help (this being one of the first dungeons they’d run in this game). I honestly wish I could have commended him as well.