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Blade & Soul: the Rising Issue of Macro Users

Blade & Soul kicked off in the west rather smoothly and it seemed that players were mostly satisfied with the current state of the Korean MMORPG.

Recently, I decided to spend a few hours with 1v1 and 3v3 arena matches and it was a common thing to see frustrated players complaining about macro users. In fact, everytime I was waiting in the PvP lobby I saw constant arguments going on about overpowered macros and even cheaters.

For those who do not know, macros basically provide automated rotations for players and also greatly enhance the weaving technique in Blade & Soul. This advantage can significantly increase a player’s damage output. But the most important aspect of macros is the exclusion of human error. Macros, unless the user is experiencing net lag, will always press the right keys with the defined delays and thus weaving becomes extremely simple. All the player has to do is basically move around with the character while holding down the macro key on the keyboard or mouse and all the skills will be used automatically. Quite boring if you ask me.

Understandably, players who can’t or don’t want to use macros are often beaten by those who do, which results in plenty of frustration and complaining on global channels and Blade-Soul Gold. The official Korean and Chinese servers were already facing issues with worse things than macros, including stuff like third-party programs for fully automated rotation and, of course,speedhackers. It will probably not take long for these programs to get their NA and EU equivalents that will most likely produce further disappointments.

I would not be surprised if NCSoft ends up deciding to ban macro users from Blade & Soul because the pressure from angered players is stacking up and complainers are waiting for a solution. Macro users are probably present in almost every MMORPG, and I don’t really blame them. The gamer mouse developing companies are releasing more and more complex gaming mice that bring their own macro software and players are more than happy to use them. This is probably a phenomenon that affects not only MMORPGs but online shooters and MOBAs too.


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Mushin’s Tower of Blade & Soul

Mushin’s Tower takes me under 30 min, Poharan can take about as long and so does BSH. So that’s about 1 hour and 30 min for some fun/rewarding time that nets around 6+ G or even more if people bid high.
Brightstone in a group takes under 10 minutes and that’s another easy 1+ G depending on how the bidding goes at the end.
Then you have BSH 24 and E.Fleet for another easy 7+ G under 30 min each.
You can solo Tomb of Exiles for an easy 2 Soulstones (About 65 S) and it really shouldn’t take you longer than 10 minutes.

Then there is King Kaari.
If you camp him, his essence sells anywhere from 5-8 S each. You can easily make money here nonstop just by camping that.
There is also other sources of income outdoors and lets not forget zen beans off PVP that can net you quite a bit of money when exchanged for Soulstones.

TBH, if you really want to make money and have 3 hours to throw at the game or so, you can make quite an income.
Compared to other MMO, you have it easy here man. Real easy.

Naw, I use repair hammers, does that still cost money? There seems to be some cash leak I’m not seeing cuz I bought all of maybe 70s worth of stuff and somehow lost 2g… I do fast travel as often as I can to save time but not often enough to make up for 1g 30s.

I’d prefer to do dungeons or raids at endgame and work on maximizing my weapon/jewel upgrades and getting the belt and other such items that I haven’t even obtained to Buy Blade And Soul Gold. It seems there’s more to do than just dailies unless the cash income from all the other stuff is so pathetic that it forces you into daily farming just so you don’t get so broke that you can’t go on.

Lucky for me money wise the RNG hates me and I can’t get the weapon I need out of Blackram Narrows, so all my gear is maxed out while I run it over and over and over and over. I am already 27 and will probably hit 45 before I get my weapon upgrade. At least I can solo the stupid dungeon.