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Force people to Albion Online pvp for the highest tier is fine

With the recent changes most people will be nearing the 4/10 of their chosen Albion Online Silver weapon, from then on you are required to kill tier 7 mobs. With the exception of a few faction dungeons in the red zones tier 7 is in the black zones. These zones make up 8% of the game world, and simply unlocking 5/10 alone requires more fame from T7 mobs than the total of the previous tiers.

Total exp needed to max a tree requires 99.2% of it come from T7 mobs.

The majority of the player base will be at 4/10 well within a month or two of the game forcing everyone to this small number of zones in a game world that already feels a bit small.

This is absurd.

Force people to pvp for the highest tier is fine BUT as it is now you can’t farm T7 mobs without being forced to fight for then every 5min. That is way to much.
I really enjoyed the old DaoC day pre TOA where you go in the RvR zone to lvl from 45-50. You travel to one of many good spot and when there are enemies you tried to kill them to take the spot and when not you settle at the spot and farm for 1-2 hour and every Albion Online Power Leveling now and then you have to fight to keep the spot.
I would love to see something similar in AO or at lest something other then what we have now where you are 80% the time fight in PvP and only 20% the time have time to actually farm.
Or give us weapon and armour fame for PvP ( I know it can be expoilted but then build something that can’t get exploited)


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Make albion online fame depend on item tier?

How about making Cheap Albion Online Gold fame bonus depend on item tier?

I went into red & black zones even at 5 AM and there is none mob which got full fame
but making respawn faster wont help us, it will only help top 500 players who will permamently farm those zones and kill anyone who come here.

Then maybe item tier? how about multipling fame you get by monster tier thne divine it by your average item set ?
[Fame*(monster Tier)]/(average item lvl), and then 4.2 counting as 5, 4.3 as 6. (but when yout AGT is bigger than monster Tier it wont occur?)

So when someone in AGT (averrage gear tier) = 3, kill a monster in black zone, then even when it just spawned he will get low fame but multipled by low gear bonus (since monster tier is VII [7*200fame/3=466fame instead of just 200])

This would only make progression faster for someone who take risk

But still, damn, world is WAY too small, ok we got alot of maps, but those are small, cant you make them bigger ? like 4x times bigger? soyou got more space to place mobs ?
How about making some randomly spawning herds of middle tier mobs? if maps get bigger and get less obvious spawn regions then it will be better i think. I would love to see a bunch of T5 bears (like 12 + boss) clumbing randomly in some green zone of normal tier range of II – III. It will bring some life to game, and thats ofc only example, main idea is to make random spawns possible on all zones, you get Albion Online Power Leveling?