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What NA Wants in Blade & Soul

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Looking at upgrade costs vs their time investment or direct correlation to gold vs time, you are looking at hours upon hours of grind that pays out less than minimum wage in the states. Even if I were to get a full time minimum wage job to instead working at BK flipping burgers to convert into online gold, the ratio would still suck but would be better than repeating the same repetitive content over and over. Hell, I could probably score some side action at BK, probably not on BNS. Really, 2 endgame instances that where we want to do those daily along with 24 man versions of basically the same thing just with tons of trash to kill too? Um… at that point why even play BNS?

the upgrade costs need to be drastically lowered or the materials costs for upgrading need to be decreased or this game is wildstar2.0 in 6 months tops. Even the method for money to gold is terrible conversion and far from worth it unless you make 6 figures a year and can afford frivolous spend to Buy Blade And Soul Gold. I’ve already burned out and the romance faded after staring at the mountain of discouragement that is the upgrade paths and the actual time that will be required is… well, I’ve got better things to do. Enjoy your treadmill.

Funny thing about BnS is that the gold is actually really fucking expensive right now. It’s like 70c for 1g which is really expensive considering you can make like 15g/hour on any class.

There is no game in existence where you wouldn’t be able to make more gold by working a job then converting real money into gold. The difference is one is a fucking job and the other is a game. You can stop playing the game at any point if you start to get bored and do other things then come back later. The same cannot be said for working a job. I’m more than happy to play on and off for 8 hours and do what I want during that time and make $50 worth of gold than to work for 8 hours and make $200.

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