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Same bad results in Blade & Soul

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Same bad results, honestly i noticed some other stuff like movement lockups, zone movement lockups, which never ever happened before installing this thingy.
and no improvement at all… also in the blood shade harbor after running the client for like 10 hours with this cleaning stuffy, every time the blood mane boss did the aoe thingy, whole client would freeze up to 10 seconds…. and yes i can reproduce it every time.

after removal, no more freezes like that…. fps wasn’t great in the beginning, didn’t see any improvement while using it either… so install it if u feel like Blade-Soul will help, but most likely it won’t…. the fps is horrible for me, but atleast the game doesn’t completely freeze up

BnS definitely has a memory leak of some kind, because if you run the client for continuous hours, while u started the game with lets say 50 fps in the morning, in the evening the fps at the same zone will have dropped to 40 or even less… (you would say more people around, but it’s not that)

My friend reported exact same thing, before they added afk kick timer he would leave the client running in the morning, then in evening when he would come back from work (left the client running the whole day to dodge the queue), he would not be able to play properly, cause the fps would be horrible – down to 15fps and smth like that… after the client restart the fps would go back up to 60fps.

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