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The Unchained Content List of Blade & Soul

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There have been reports of crashes and update failures in the launcher, please try the following before submitting a ticket to NCsoft Support:

– Make sure you do not have an app that interferes with GameGuard, there are a couple that actually makes the program very unhappy.

AMD Raptr app is one of the culprits to crashing the game with the new update (Thanks Savonia).

– If you get an error whilst downloading the update through the launcher, confirm the error and resume the update again. Due to the traffic of users trying to download the update, you might hit a bump or two. Just try again when it happens, shouldn’t be too many times.

– When you enter the game with any of your characters, there will be a voucher for an additional slot in the Hongmoon Store that is completely free. Make sure you redeem it and then your may proceed to creating your new class.

– There were also reports of players crashing during character log in and in-game gameplay, this could be due to either GameGuard conflicting with Blade-Soul Gold or the game iteself allocating incorrect memory handles for the game engine. This has been brought to NCsoft’s attention and they are revising the problem.

Run the Repair option in your launcher to verify the integrity of the files, then try again.

Should none of the above rectify your issue, submit a ticket to support and they will do their best to give you a hand.

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