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I lost my 3 letter name in Blade & Soul

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I lost my 3 letter name, I’m also thinking of taking them to court if it comes that far.
Why am i going this far? I didn’t sleep for 2 days just to save that name. I wanted to be sure i would get it.

Which i did! i was super happy and then warlock was about to come out! i got even more excited as the name was perfect for the class and the name was itended for that class.

So i saw 2/22 and thought the warlock was already released, Thus i wanted to name change my character name, Sadly the character name was on a character that had premiums so i couldn’t just delete it would be a waste of Blade-Soul Gold, Then i name changed but i namechanged my MAIN character instead of the character u specifically had for the class.

And bam 1 year lock lost my 3 letter name, I told them i wanted it back they gave me a refund on the namechange which was like 1200 or whatever.

Thats cool but i want my name, Thus they told me about the update. I told them i have to go on a bussnis trip isn’t there anyways to give the name?
Not a usefull reply but i got something back which i read later, I went on my trip the update came i come back.
Name taken.

so i’m really looking forward on how they will solve this problem. I do not like to go far but i really enjoy blade and soul.

This was a really bad mistake but there 1 year lock made it final to lose my name, If it wasn’t for that 1 year lock i could have quickly make a new character too save the name but sadly that wasn’t the case.

Also i’m pretty furious while typing this but i try to keep myself calm.

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