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Blade & Soul: “They aren’t coddling me through every step”

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He pissed me off, but initially I didn’t say anything about his ‘problem’ being worthless, or that NCsoft was in the right. My entire stance was he needed to be more patient so he could appear rational rather than foaming at the mouth at any slight of inconvenience. I agree with being critical towards MMO staff, since it’s suuuuch a delicate system, it needs that feedback.

However when we get threads like this, which irrationally attack an organization for following procedure, on the basis that it’s not fast enough or “They aren’t coddling me through every step” it makes future problems, ones that will matter, less significant to the teams eyes. I will admit I feel NCsoft is doing a great job compared to other companies I’ve dealt with, especially with their decision with the legendary weapons. They took a step back, they researched it, and chose to sketch up their own version because how bad it was for OUR game (Not necessarily regional). Those are good decisions, they are decisions made by people who understand whats gong on, and a lot of games are missing that. (See diablo franchise).

Here we have a user who doesn’t care about any of that, what he cares about is getting his entitlement in the quickest way based on his own naivitiy. The only reason the $100 thing came up was because I was demonstrating a problem with value to me and the company, was put up for Blade-Soul Gold, and they were well in their right to tell me to fuck off, they did not and gave me a refund. The OP decided to make the comparison about value between us, rather than the fact I also had a negative asset scenario that won favorably to me solely based on the company decision. And I think it’s pretty straightforward that the $100 has more value to the company that a users name, so if they were genuinely trying to fuck people over, I’d definitely be on that list, especially for $100 bucks. But my resolution contradicts that, and even took 4 days, while we see someone complaining and crying fraud, after 1!

Imo it isn’t fair to criticize another member over something that is sacred to them. If you think about it money is given value by the people is it not? The only difference is that the value of money is typically universally the same. Our own personal attachment to a certain thing will normally be different in comparison to the next person since we are all different. There are certain things, rather online or in real life, that can give each person a unique identity. First impressions in general matter a lot. Those first impressions become much more solidified with a person when there ends up being a history attached to them. Perhaps the OP has experienced a poor first impression with the company followed by a history to follow. To play a bit of devil’s advocate, there is a very good possibility that there isn’t enough support to deal with all of the tickets within a timely manner. If that’s the case, that is something fairly common with a lot of MMORPG titles.

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