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Please keep up the outstanding job on the blade and soul

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Character customisation was a mixed feeling for me because while there was a good variety of options to choose from, the Blade And Soul Gold options themselves were a bit lacking for the male Gon, which was the race I chose since I wanted to be a destroyer.
Tutorials were not long enough though I can understand that you may not have wanted players to be stuck in them or to drag them out but for combos, 3 successes isn’t exactly enough for it to stick. Also, there seems to be a lack of display when it comes to quest tracking and such. Maybe the instructor should play as your chosen class so he can then demonstrate how the skill is meant to be played out besides you or the game takes control of your character to perform the combo for you, once.

Certain aspects aren’t introduced properly or in the same way, like focus for example.

The game’s HUD isn’t exactly simple and there wasn’t even a server time for when things reset in the game. The minimap is a little big and maybe you could possibly add an option to alter the size of it. Keys for opening particular windows were a little odd like B and I both open the same window but in different tabs, why? The HUD, in general, looks a bit all over the place and I had to change it around so everything sat nicely.

Cross class combo chaining needs to have the notifications to be more… vivid. I barely knew when they were possible because of the effects going off and trying to play my class at the same time. I’m not too sure if most players able to easily perform them at a consistent rate.

There needs to be more focus on the little aspects in the game such as your stats and what they all do.

Requests to repair your Cheap Blade & Soul Gold weapon when it’s only lost a small fraction, is annoying, which brings up the question; How does durability work exactly? Does it only go down when you attack? What happens when it reaches 0? Does dying reduce your durability?

I had a few minor map issues such as no ground before some loading portals, luckily for me gliding into the load portal served as a work around.

Bag space is too limited. It would be a lot more efficient to have all the soul shields stored into it’s own separate bag/window as well as SOME fashion, example would be the faction fashion.

While all of these are minor points, everything else is pretty fantastic. I am in love with this game. The graphics are insane. The gameplay is very fluid and fun. The way you have all the fashion view-able for us to gawk at and hunt for is awesome. I can’t wait to go achievement hunting as well. The soul shield thing is new to me and seems rather interesting and refreshing but unsure how beneficial it all will be. The PvE is very well done, it’s quite immersive and you feel like you are a part of the story. All the big things are done so well, however, there are some points I would like to make in regards to what I hope they DON’T do.

Please, do not make upgrading your character become complicated. I mean like… introducing too many ways to improve your character. Keep it simple and just make them longer and require harder to obtain items. Example: Let’s say I maxed my weapon and everything. I have nothing left to improve on. Instead of introducing something else for me to work on, introduce an item to reset or “ascend” my weapon. The weapon resets back to lv1 but with an ascended design and higher stats but I have to go through the process of maxing it out again. Why do I ask this? It’s very hard for new players to come into some older games because there is just way too much for them to upgrade so they can be strong enough to perform with everyone else.

Please, do not introduce anything into the cash shop for me to buy that would take away purpose of playing the game. Such items would include anything that would let me skip by grinding or make me stronger, a lot faster. What I love to buy most is cosmetic items and then anything else like membership or VIP for minor benefits is just a bonus. I know that I like being a unique player, I like to stand out from the rest. There is a massive range of fashion and it all looks pretty good, for the most part. If you could add like… 7 different colour options for each one, like red, yellow, green, blue, purple, black, and white, I would love the game so much more. Perhaps it could be a dye option? Imagine it… Getting the fashion from Tomb of Exiles and being able to dye it to a black or dark grey and the fiery molten areas are teal. A deep colour customisation system for fashion would be an amazing tool to have in the game and would make everything x5000000 times better.

Please, do not keep us in the dark and please talk to us for our opinions about things you are going to implement. Yes, you might get trolls and the like commenting negatively but you can’t let the bad apples spoil the bunch. It would also give you an idea on the direction we’re willing to go down and pay to go down. I haven’t played any other games from NCSoft so I don’t know how you run things but it’s really not that hard to keep in touch. Every player admires when the Devs/Staff can make the few minutes to keep us in the loop, view our opinions, and respond based upon that.

Please keep up the outstanding job on the game

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