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That is correct, the idea being like Eve Buy Albion Online Gold and in the Sandbox idea of localized markets. This makes trade and transportation a valuable party of the economy.

In Eve people made professions out of transporting and trading. Central trade Hubs like Jita in Eve mean more market demand and generally higher prices – you could therefore buy an item at a more rural market, transport it to a trade hub and sell it for a profit.

While the logistics here are a bit shallow compared to Eve I imagine as time goes on they could really flesh it out with specific Pack Horse abilities, high tier pack horses, Transport Contracts, where you can contract someone to transport equipment for you etc so the logistics industry can become more defined.

If you are new to Sandbox games – a lot of this shit is going to seem inconvenient. Item loss on death, open PvP. But it is important for these games to work. Like with Day Z you need freedom to allow players to create the stories. Compared to themepark MMO’s where the objective is to keep adding more and more high level equipment and a perpetual treadmill of achievement, Sandbox games focus on giving players the tools to create their own stories, Logistics Industries, Crafting Industries, Real Estate, PvP/Bounties/Criminals/Bounty Hunters etc. Crafting actually maters in Albion because people die and lose their stuff and therefore create a demand for Blacksmiths etc. Player run shops in cities that you can rent out to Blacksmiths, the focus being player created experiences. If they pull it off right, like UO did or Day Z did, and you can get past the initial inconvenience factor its a fucking awesome experience that feels way more alive and organic than theme-park MMO’s ever can!

Besides having “local” banks – are also special “local(!!!!)” -warchest – Albion Online Gold used store fighting gear for defending or attacking other guildterritories…

You can place chests in a house on your personal island – but its also “local” – connected to the city where you bought your island…

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