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Guild Wars 2: Enter Shiro

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ArenaNet reveals the last core legend for the new Revenant profession coming in Heart of Thorns.

The Revenant is a new profession coming in Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns and today ArenaNet revealed the last core legend and weapon set that the class will use. The fourth and final core legend that players will be channeling is Shiro Tagachi, the infamous assassin and main antagonist of Guild Wars: Factions. Alongside this legend, the studio announced that dual swords are the final core weapons the Revenant will be wielding.

Shiro was a quick and deadly assassin and the new sword set delivers on this theme. In today’s blog post, ArenaNet revealed three of the new sword skills.

Rift Slash — Slash foes, creating a rift on them that explodes for additional damage after a short delay.

This third skill on the auto-attack change will slash at foes in front of your character. Any foe hit will have an unstable mist rift sliced into them that will explode after a short delay and damage nearby foes.

Precision Strike — Strike nearby foes with precision, sending out blades that damage and chill them.

Another quick attack that is good for damaging your foe or just to keep them chilled and within reach of your blades.

Unrelenting Assault — Unleash a fierce attack on nearby foes, shadowstepping to foes in the vicinity and delivering strikes. Gain might each time you strike a foe.

This skill is not new to players who have seen the Heart of Thorns announcement trailer as we witnessed Rytlock himself turn to mist and unleash devastating attacks to enemies around him.

On the legend side, ArenaNet revealed three of the Shiro specific skills. First up is the heal Enchanted Daggers:

Enchanted Daggers — Enchanted daggers will strike your target as you attack, siphoning life from the damaged foe.

Designed to mimic Shiro’s aggressiveness, this heal skill will have you summon jade daggers that float above your character that attack any enemy you strike, siphoning life from that foe.

Phase Traversal — Step through the Mists to your target, and make your next few attacks unblockable.

Jade Winds — Call upon the Jade Wind to turn nearby enemies into jade, stunning them for a short duration.

Not only will you be able to cast Jade Wind, but a trait will trigger this skill when the player is downed. This way players can truly feel like Shiro as they too release the Jade Wind when defeated.

For more information, check out ArenaNet’s Points of Interest livestream tomorrow Friday, July 17th at Noon Pacific on the official Guild Wars 2 Twitch stream as Roy Cronacher joins host Rubi Bayer to go over everything Shiro.

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