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Guild Wars 2 UE4 Template For Community Pvp Maps

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Guild Wars 2 features no PvP editor, and I doubt it will ever have such a feature. What if someone makes a Guild Wars 2 PvP Template for Unreal Engine 4, so that guilds could download it and start BSP blocking their unique PvP maps ?

The template should contain no copyrighted elements. (characters,props…) but share a similar gameplay. For characters, there could be 3 types of blue template creatures, with different animations:

Charr character template (completely different locomotion)
Asura character template (not sure if it needs to have different animations, because human ones could be retargeted)
Human/Sylvari/Norn character template, which already exists ( same skeleton for all )

Once a guild gets the template, they could start building. If they decide to include copyrighted elements, they are not allowed to distribute the game pubicly, unless they contact However they could show videos of their maps, and if Arena.Net considers the maps cool enough, they might think of implementing them in Guild Wars 2.

The template could be Blueprint-based, so the users won’t need to know any coding. However, this has a downside: UE4 built-in networking system has a limit of 64 players – good enough for PvP, in case of small guilds. If a bigger guild wants to extend networking to WvW level, they need to dive into coding.

The template should not be very complex, but neither extremely simple. It should be enough for a guild to play, create, and show the others their works. Also, it is not an actual game, it’s actually a resource for game devs. Guilds make a game out of it by adding art over.

In ending, I mention that I have no plans to create such a template. This is just an idea I got…and wish to know if it is legally possible to make it happen. What do you think ?

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