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Progression System Idea In Guild Wars 2

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I would advise the OP just to wait for Anet coming up with the official CDI thread for Sub Classes, just as Chris Whiteside as propsed to make one somewhen in the future as a result of the very first CDI that was all about Charatcer Progression which I am responsible for as origin of whole Sub Class idea, who heavily participated inside of that CDI for the whole purpose of GW2 getting for the sake of a much better and more depthful and more especialyl meaningful Character Progression Sub Classes as improvements as a whole for the complete Class System of this game.

What the OP wants here , aren’t Sub Classes, what the OP describes here are just “only” specializations of the Main Class over the patch from Level 1 to Level 80 under ANets new dumbed down character progression system that’s of low idiot level niveau, because anythign else would be too overwhelming and too hard to understand at all.

However, a Sub Class isn’t just a specialization only.A Sub Class defines alot more, than just only what kind of skills your character learns or what a kind of weapon your charatcer can use or not.

A Sub Class first and foremost defines your character, not the gameplay of your character.The changed and improved gameplay aspects are just only a nice to have side effects, that should give the player the feeling of “progression” in the sense of becoming stronger, faster, having more build options and so on .

However, the true essence behind a Sub Class System is to make your character more unique, Character Customization is the true goal behind a well developed Sub Class System, and thus it helps in things, that give you more options to customize your character more and more it more unique.

Features like special Sub Class related Equipment Skins that can be used only, when youve schosen to follow tha path of Sub Class X to become that Sub Class with your Character.Features like Sub Class special Expertises, that change how your skills look like, givign them different Skill Animations and Effects.Features like special Sub Class related new Dances, new Emotes and so on …

Thats the stuff with that you can individualize your Character for the moment as long you play as that Sub Class.But because its the nature of peopel to QQ about specializations, if they mean that they could potentially lock you out from all of the othe new content, something like Sub Classes need to be revertable, just like Traits, so that they needs to be a way for them in the game to reset your descision and to choose for a small fee an other path of a sub class that you want to follow from that moment on.

Just like in GW1, where you also couln’t have all secondary classes ad once, you had to change them at a npc for a small fee.
just like we can’t have all craftign professions on 1 character all at once, we have to talk with a NPC to change our crafting professions – on an important sidenote – without losing the previous progress on the changed out craftign job

And thats how Sub Classes would have to work for GW2 later too. You change one Sub Class out with an other Sub Class of your Main Profession and you won’t lose any progress you made so far with your last Sub Class.
However for the sake of game balance, you will always be able to have only 1 Sub Class active at any given time and when you want to change it, then you have to talk with a NPC and pay a fee – this way the game also receive a simple new and important gold sink too.

By the way… 7 Sub Classes/Specializations like the OP suggests here is way too much!3 to maximum 4 Sub Classes per Main Profession would be alot more appropiate and doable at all for Anet.

Just look for this at the old Ragnarok Online Game, which is honestly for me personalyl also the whole inspiration for why I made the Sub Class Suggestion in the Character Progression CDI, as it stands out for me, that this game’s Class System is besides of its Fun Classes that it has by far until today for me one of the best thought out and at the same time most simple to understand and also at the same time most depthful Character Progression Systems that exist out there in the whole MMORPG Genre and this since years and it would fit so perfectly into GW2 with its Single Class System same like RO to improve and build up on that System of RO.

Because more easier and at the same time very depthful and fun to play Character progression Systems than this can’t you have together with fitting Class Names, that don’t sound either childish, laughable or unfitting to the point, that you have to start to request from the suggestion giver, if he/she even has understood at all, that GW2’s class names follow a clear and simple to see scheme based on just 1 worded class/profession names in the way of those examples.

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