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Guild Wars 2 Damage Types

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Why is different damage types not in the game?

What do I mean with damages types? It’s really simple, let’s say that you’re up against the Megadestroyer, which is a huge fiery effigy, and you cast a firestorm on him and applies full damage. This makes no sense. The Megadestroyer should inflict fire damage to players and also have more resistance against fire damage. So if you try to do any fire spells or attack against him he will not take full damage. However he does not have that much water resistance so dealing water typed damage is a good idea.

Every damage resistance should of course have a counter damage type. How many damage types and resistance there should be in the game is really up to the devs, but perhaps the generic fire, water, earth, air (and shadow, holy ?). Every NPC and mob does have a resistance table. For example Megadestroyer have a lot of resistance against fire but very little against water, undead have a lot of resistance against water (primary) and earth (secondary) but less against fire and air. This would mix things up more than christmas and make every single fight more interesting. You have to adapt towards your environment, failure to do so will give you cheap gw2 gold.

How do you adapt? Every spell in the game will have a damage dealing or damage resistance type. To be effective in combat you need to know not only the enemies weakness but also your strengths. The elementalist is a simple example, switch attunements towards what mob you’re up against. This might seem limiting but in my opinion it’s only so slightly considering that most mobs that is not bosses won’t have neither a great variety of resistances nor will they have a lot of resistance in total. It gives you more of a reason to use all different attunements and think about what you’re actually doing. So what about the other classes? Well all spells have a damage dealing or damage resistance type, so even warriors have different “attunements” when choosing weapons and switching between them. The sword for an example can be of fire damage and the shield can be water damage or resistance.

What about PVP? All players have a base resistance of zero in every damage type (it wouldn’t make any sense for players to have resistance). In this way you could just ignore damage types completely in PVP if that’s what the devs want. However I do think that adding damage types in PVP is a great idea. Think of it this way. You see a elementalist casting a firestorm over you allies so you pop your fire aura that gives your allies more fire resistance, and all of a sudden you have turned the tide in battle. This system would bring more complexity to PVP fights, something that I personally think is desperately needed. With more complexity in the game there is more that you can practice on and master. This system will bring that extra complexity into PVP (E-Sport hint hint).

Some final thoughts. It’s a big system that will require a lot of testing and tweaking before it’s perfect. However starting small and limiting the number of fights using this system will make it easier to implement. It’s just easy enough for anyone to understand but hard for everyone to master. The potential is great as you expand into damage bonuses on weapons (enchantments?) and special damage types only found in dungeons and Tyrias darkest corners. I would like to hear your thought on this and why i’ts not in the game.

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