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Guild Wars 2 New Level 80 – Gear Advice for WvW

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I’m almost level 80 and have some questions I’m still trying to answer. Overall, my plan is to focus mostly on WvW, with PvE being mainly a focus to work on my gear. From what I understand, gear plays a big part in WvW, but once you have a solid set of exotics you should be good.

My plan on gear progression was to first grab some cheap, green level 80 gear (budget <30 silver so cheap stuff). From there, I would aim to obtain a full set of exotic armor, with the intention of replacing pieces with Ascended items overtime. After a few months, my goal is to have full Ascended armor through purchases and crafting.

This brings me to my questions below:

Karma – I read somewhere a long time ago it was important to save up your Karma for level 80 gear. So I haven’t spent any, now totaling around 180K. Can I buy gear (such as exotics) directly with Karma? Or is it better to use this for something else (such as legendary items, runes, upgrades?).

Laurels – I have also been saving these. I believe I saw that you can buy Ascended armor with these. Is that correct? Is there a better use for these?

Gold – I’ve also collected around 25 gold. While not much, I want to make sure I get the most use out of it. I was planning to use this, coupled with all the various materials found while leveling, and work on crafting (Armor/Jewelcrafting).

1) You may desire to change your build at some point, after you gain more experience in WvW.

2) Rare gear can be salvaged for ectoplasm to recover some/all of the cost, once you save more gw2 gold eu. Exotic weapons are often cheaper than armor and you only need a few at first.

I wouldn’t bother with jewelcrafting, pick another craft that benefits your profession. The reason is Ascended jewelery isn’t currently craftable, and it’s easily available (albeit time gated through laurels/guild missions). Jewelcrafting as a craft is mainly good for leveling EXP currently and you’re already 80.

Dungeons are a good way to get gear, assuming you can stand them. AC/SE/HotW for soldier’s stat gear (warrior/guardian frontline mainly, but good for survival on any class while learning) or CoF/CoE for berzerker gear (not recommended for zerg fighting, especially for beginners, but a few pieces can boost damage).

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