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Guild Wars 2 Suggestion:dungeons In General

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Hello, here are some few idea that I think would make dungeons better as an experience and not just a quick money grab. I love going into a dungeon but it’s saddening how we ended up, with one stat to do it all , getting in corners and such. Now I don’t bash/rage at people doing that, I know that it is the most effective way to do it , and there the problem stems I believe. Guildwars 2 combat system is amazing , it offers so much flexibility yet we’re still stuck in one build to rule it all and it is a waste. I tried to keep the suggestions to what already is in Gw2 ,and to be PVE only, I realize some of the changes would be awful in PVP or WvW , so again PVE ONLY.

Dungeon design ( explorable)
• No more paths , all mobs and bosses in the dungeon already , rewards based on % of things killed and key bosses akin to paths
• Requiring lvl 80
• Randomized trash mobs (spawn location and diversity, keeping in theme with the dungeon, we have RNG everywhere, why not have where it matters)
• Better loot on the trash mobs ( tokens tradable at a npc)
• Randomized events and secret rooms ( eg : troll in ac opens a passage to a troll nest that guards a chest )
• Having some event chains (deliver some story elements, eg: a stranded priory team in AC that has to be escorted back to the camp, an undercover seraph as a bandit boss and having to collect some kind of poison to feign his death so he can be extracted without suspicions, collecting bomb parts form golems in CoE for a big bomb that shuts down a power node, etc)
• Length : A full clear run should take 1-3 maybe 4 hours for dungeons like arah Some DR on loot for repeating the dungeon.

– Gold reward distributed amongst the mobs, bosses, events, secret chests
– A special acc bound item dropped only by the trash mobs ,specific to the dungeon ,tradable on an npc(eg: ascalonian artifacts for AC , inquest design plans for , orrian artifacts etc.), these tokens can be used to buy exotic trinkets with matching stats, t6 mats and cores, one type of core/t6 per dungeon. , and players would go to a diff dungeons for diff mats) (maybe a new collection with drops from trash mobs)
– More dungeon tokens overall 300-500 for full completion
– More karma (3-10 k per full run) ,granted by killing bosses doing events etc
– Bosses have a small chance of dropping weapon and armor boxes akin to the pvp-ones

Why: Dungeons should be a fun and somewhat challenging group content with fun the key work, right now dungeons are boring, yes , boring stack here, skip these , stack there , all done, from what I’ve seen the real challenge in some dungeons are skipping the trash mobs instead of bosses, I feel it should be the other way around. That said dungeons are already mainly done with lvl 80 players so this change won’t affect anyone that much, plus with the new leveling changes doing AC with a full party of lvl 35 players is a nightmare.

Removing the paths, the dungeon can be done in smaller chunks catering both “hardcore” and “casual” players , resets when all players leave the dungeon and I use those terms loosely, I’ve seen too many people saying that casual=idiots /noobs /whatever , and not what they really are, players that do not invest a lot of time into a game. People like a challenge and being rewarded for beating it, what is doesn’t cater is entitled players. Also removing the rigidness of a path makes players want to explore more, which they should do in an explorable mode, ( I don’t think there are many people that know of Baelfire’s coffin in CoF, or the ghostly planks in AC). A-net put a lot of effort in creating the dungeon aspect, I’ve looked at Arah map, it’s huge, it has immense potential to explore , to get lost in it for hours to see what’s on the next corner even if we have to plough through trash mobs just to see it. Speaking of trash mobs, again the effort put into making them was huge but they are more rewarding if skipped than killed , which I find saddening , and some groups are a pain to deal with, way harder than the bosses themselves, just look at the TA knights, or Arah , parties usually wipe there and not at the bosses, rescaling them and making them worthwhile would actually make them a target instead of just hoops to jump through , to that respect I suggest introducing the new type of currency, the trinkets make sense since we have weapons and armors but no trinkets( and by trinkets I mean amulets, rings , earring) . Tier 6 and cores, this would give us players direct and visible means to gather some of the materials for our items, one type of each core/T6 per dungeons so we have a reason to go to certain dungeons beside “it’s the biggest gold/h”. Why cores and not lodestones? To make Miyani happy (so we can spend some of our gold that we get in the dungeon).

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