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Stop Blk Farm & Fix Keys/chests In Guild Wars 2

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Please remove the Black Lion Key Farm

There has been a ton of commotion about the possible removal of the BLK farm (aka, moving the key to level 20 instead of 10.) Please do so, for the following reasons:

  • The key farm takes you out of the game. You literally have to log out every 20 minutes just to do this farm.
  • It is extremely repetitive! You are doing the same 15 minutes of content a million times, running the same exact route, and everything. It is horribly boring.
  • It is almost 100% a waste of time, as you need to spend 10 hours farming for maybe 1 weapon.
  • It inflates the number of Keys in the game by quite a bit.
  • It literally forces you to erase progress on a character, use up a character slot, and put effort into this exploit. (Yeah, I would call it an exploit, essentially.)

So now, once we have removed the BLK Farm, that leaves us with a whole hell of a lot less keys, OH NO! WHAT WILL WE DO? Fix the price of keys (yes), or fix the drop rates in the chests (no.)

Please lower the price of Black Lion Keys

Why lower the price of keys instead of fixing the drop rates in the chests? simple!

  • You won’t reward those who have stockpiled keys from farming them.
  • It is MUCH less work, and if you already think chests are balanced RNG wise, you’re all set!
  • It will give a good option for a gold sink & an option to spend money on that isn’t a HUGE waste!

What price should they be?

  • 25 keys for 800 gems. This gives a nice package of keys to someone for $10, which is a very reasonable price to pay, say, once a month, to get a weapon skin. This also puts it at just above 100g to get 25 keys, which isn’t bad at all.
  • 5 keys for 200 gems, giving you something to spend that 200 gems on after buying a weapon skin for 600.
  • 1 key for 50 gems, allowing you to pick a couple up with gw2 gold to complete that ticket if you are off a few scraps.

Why do I suggest these prices?

Well lets look at it right now, currently it is 125 for one key, 450 for 5, and 2100 for 25 keys. It takes at least 25 keys (this is lowering for sure, but makes it fairly easy for calculations) to get one weapon ticket from scraps. These weapons sell for 100-50g. So you have to spend 2100 gems just to get the chance at one weapon skin. You sell weapon skins for 600 gems. Thats 1500 more, thats almost $20 extra, just for a chance at a weapon skin. So what should it be? Well, since you can get lucky, we don’t want it super low (we don’t want 30+ keys, which guarantees 1 skin to be 600 gems), but since you can get unlucky, we don’t want it super high (like it is right now, its literally useless to ever buy keys, ever, unless you want to literally flush your money down the toilet). We need a happy medium, where $10 gets you a decent chance at a skin.

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