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Guild Wars 2 Condition Damage Cap Suggestion

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From what I understand, bleeds are limited to 25 stacks because of bandwidth issues and keeping track of hundreds of bleeds from dozens of players is too much. This is of course a massive issue in PvE, with some professions more than others, creating an imbalance.

What if each bleed beyond the stack cap applied its damage instantly and directly?

There wouldn’t be more to keep track of, just additional direct damage. Since many players already shy away from condition builds for PvE because of the cap (myself included), it shouldn’t result in many more numbers flying around. Nor should it be overpowered in any way, since it would only really apply to long-lived PvE targets and the total damage dealt should (in a perfect world) be close to buy gw2 gold of direct damage dealers.

I also don’t think this would be an issue in PvP because when removing a bleed, all the stacks are removed at once and, well, if you have 25 stacks and can’t remove them you’re pretty much dead anyway.

If this is something that could be implemented, I wonder if it could also work in some way with other condition (and maybe buff) caps.

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