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Guild Wars 2 Has The Best Mmo Engine Ever Designed

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Out of all the mmo’s I have played, I have found I enjoy leveling in this game the most. The quest progression from area to area is seamless and easy to solo.. Even more fun in a duo with someone but totally casual and easy enough for everyone to enjoy themselves.

But this game really lacks in other aspects.. The sandbox element is non existent in this game and I think it is doing a great dis-service to the beautifully coded engine that this game has.. Even Gw1 was amazing for its time.. They really had/have? one of the best coders out of the diablo 1 trio that splintered off..

I’ve experienced star wars galaxies and ArcheAge as my only two sandbox type games and I have to wonder to myself why more companies don’t use some of those game designs/elements? I realize everyone was chasing the mythical 10 million wow subs, and don’t get me started on that because those numbers were so artificial its a joke..

So as everyone tried to copy wow and failed for the last 10 years, we are drowning in a sea of boring theme park mmo’s that all have that same “been there, done that” feeling.. it makes gw2 gold eu when more companies are going to get back to that epicness of the original idea behind mmo’s. It was about being able to do everything from fishing, to farming, to mining, to crafting using complex systems that required rare resource spawns etc.. Where are these games? We don’t need anymore clones to be honest.. You could make the best of the best theme park wow clone and it will still fail because the direction and strictures typically associated with theme park games.. They are designed on rails and more like riding a train across country.. It will get boring and fast no matter how pretty the scenery or how luxurious the cab-cars are.. Mmo players have what I like to call theme park burnout.. Caused by years of playing wow and the subsequent clones.

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