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Rebalancing The Scale-down Feature In Guild Wars 2

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A lv80 in Queensdale should have just as much problems with a Centaur as they do with a Risen in Orr. At least, that’s my personal opinion. The low level zones are already extremely forgiving, with their yellow enemies, and rarely do you ever get into any kind of danger outside of skill points even as an actual newbie.

All end-game content in this game is balanced around Rares, so I see no reason why the low level content shouldn’t also be balanced around Rares too if you are capable of wearing them, especially since the next update will add low-level Exotics. Although some extra compensation is also needed for traits.

Furthermore, PvE needs a significant difficulty boost in general, more in line with the difficulty currently offered by the Southsun Cove and Mordrem mobs (which make the Risen look weak in comparison). Yes, it will make the game more difficult for newer players, but it will also mean that they actually need to group up with allies to accomplish their goals again (this is an MMO afterall).

There is just no excuse for only having four lv80 maps in the game, thus being forced to find end-game content in low-level areas, yet it be so rediculously easy.

Calm down, we made suggestions that you won’t get nerfed. It’s just that people want all 100% of the content to be relevant for them, not only 15% of the zones we have gw2 gold eu. Backscaling was made with that in mind. Why else would they have created that system? Currently you one/two hit most of the enemies when scaled back as a lv.80 with exotic/ascended gear.

So why not let people optionally have a bigger challenge by scaling back a bit more to play in the same range as a leveling player?

You rightfully ask why people don’t just put on some white gear. Fair question.

  • First of all, they would have a greater risk but without greater reward. It wouldn’t feel fair. You want something good out of a mob which took you 15min to kill.
  • Their builds won’t work either (builds that work with a certain amount of crit-value to generate specific effects).

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