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Guild Wars 2 Suggestion: Advanced Graphics Options

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I’ll cut right to the chase, it would be amazing and extremely useful if we could get advanced graphics options for the game. Not only would it help gamers get the most out of their FPS, but also it would cater to a bunch of us who prefer to customize the look of the game further.

My suggestions:

View distance slider – The fog is eating up the beautiful world you guys crafted. Let us see just how far that beauty stretches! Say no to air pollution!

Separate post processing options (Sun rays, bloom, ambient lighting etc.) – It really sucks that these options are locked behind presets. I hate bloom and color correction, but love sun rays for cheap gw2 gold. Let us select what we like the best.

Particle effects slider – the current system is not working so well, but this might change soon with the feature pack, still, listed.

More anti aliasing options – I don’t like edgies, but I don’t like my game looking blurry and washed out either. If injectors can do it, so can you anet.

Advanced camera settings – Already listed in the camera thread, but posting them here as it would be great to have them as well:

Now I am not saying that you have to change the current settings if you are afraid that non tech savvy people might get confused. Just give us a separate window like most games do, that we can access from an “Advanced options” button in the options menu.

Bonus suggestion: High resolution (2-4k) character and weapon textures as an optional download. It would be amazing if you guys did not purge them after compressing them to “game rez”. Some people would love this, I am among them. Not necessarily on topic, but just trowing it out there.

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