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Guild Wars 2 Suggestions: Real Airships In Tyria

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In regard of guilds, they should implement just like in GW1 again Guild Halls on unique Guild Islands

Let us expand and upgrade these Guild Halls on our islands then slowly step by step with our Influence to Guild Keeps, then Guild Fortresses, then Guild Castles then Guild Villages and finally then to Guild Towns

Thats the most awesome thing ANet could do around the whole Guild Hall idea, which lets Guilds become bigger, not only in size and influence, but also in their home location’s headquarters.Implement there gameplay known from the Dark Chonicles Games, that lets you become able to build an own Guild Town would be a great way to give Guilds something really fantastic for the next years to build up on as a guild long term goal, that basically combines the Guild Features with elements of Housing too …

But being able to craft my own airship with an own unique design, would be far more interesting, than to try to make out of airships flying guild halls.Nothing wrong with guilds having airships, as you could craft later perhaps for your guild town an seperate airship port, where you could see then the guild’s guild airship that could be used then to transport the whole guild together via WP’s to spots in the game in one go…

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