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A Different Thread About Skyhammer In Guild Wars 2

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Nobody said they were saints. I was saying there’s basically nothing you can do about it except improve/remove the map. Meanwhile, it seems the energy directed in that direction may be bearing fruit.

There is always a minimum amount of effort required, and right now it is just enough to not be labeled AFK by the game. Without a subjective view, these players are playing the game within the rules, so just as intended. Even with a subjective view, bad play can be made to look like inexperienced play. That’s not a can of worms you want to open.

Be careful how far you go, though, because the rules will apply to everyone. It would be difficult to distinguish Alt-F4 from DC, so any policy that affects one will undoubtedly affect the other. A tPvP group being unable to play together for 3 days as a result of a single disconnect would be rather unfortunate, especially if it was a top team.

EDIT: as far as hurting ranking, so long as you play the map yourself there is kitten .6% chance of Skyhammer AFK boosting your ranking vs 44.4% chance of it dropping it. That is not a valid argument.

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