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Defiance buff on Bosses In Guild Wars 2

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This is obviously a personal preference issue. You don’t like it. That’s perfectly fine, but that doesn’t make it bad or lazy programming. It just makes it not for you. While you may not like it, there are many other players (obviously) who love it. I personally love not having to heal 5 people while never being thanked, always being blamed for the tank’s/dps mistakes because it was obviously my fault for their mistakes, and on and on it goes.

Just because something worked for 10 years does not make it the only good way to build a game. Same with the defiance mechanic. You could give it a chance and try to learn a new way of playing, or not. What it boils down to is you have your opinion, and others have theirs. Neither side is going to change the others’ minds. No use trying.

Out of the MMOs I’ve poked my head into, interrupts are a major thing for raiding. They need to be timed just right or the party wipes, and that’s usually a job for the tank. (In WildStar, it’s actually a dps job that requires coordination. o_O) With that in mind, it does surprise me that ANet chose to make bosses absurdly resilient. The later, overpowered versions of defiant were even worse, preventing all CC from working. Boss Blitz in particular made me sad.

Of course, something has to be done to prevent stun-spamming. Or at least put it into a context that 50 people can stun-slap 15 elites and actually feel like they’ve done something, instead of 50 people chipping away pointlessly at 1 boss with 50 stacks. Adding elites to mob encounters certainly helped, but it doesn’t solve bosses.

Interrupt armor works out more cleanly, because it refreshes over time, and I think rather quickly for gw2 gold eu. To translate it to GW2, if a zerg just mashes stuns whenever they come off cooldown, they’ll never break a boss, because it would take 20-50 people doing it at just the right moment for it to matter. So instead of one person messing it up for everyone (being a “bad pug” or whatever), knowledgeable and coordinated players are rewarded by being able to execute stun properly.

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