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Guild Wars 2 Commander Tag Changes

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I really appreciate Anet’s willingness to turn the ship around so quickly. I realize that was no easy task and personal sacrifices where made to make this possible, and I’m grateful.

Perhaps there is a lesson to be learned here.

When it comes to WvW, “small” changes have a big community impact. (After all, WvW is the most community driven aspect of GW2.) Things like character or account bound WxP define how the game is played. Likewise, charging 300g per color also has a profound effect on the community.

I understand why Anet wants to wait until the last second to announce things. You have been burned in the past; I get it. That said, if you had communicated with the community about your plans sooner (even if it was strictly hypothetical), you would have gotten this important feedback sooner, and been able to plan accordingly. There would have been no need for a heroic weekend cram session.

This is a reoccurring problem with WvW development. It happened with WxP, Bloodlust, US Season 1 Leagues and now with Commander Tags. All of these problems could have been avoided by working with the community during the development phase.

So this is my suggestion:

Keep the WvW community in the loop. Include us BEFORE you invest a lot of time and energy in an idea. Make sure you emphasize that everything is hypothetical, and you are not promising anything. (So you don’t get burned again by people saying “Anet promised”) Just include us and get our opinion, and you will get a better game as a result.

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