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Reworking Thief Venoms In Guild Wars 2

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I’ve discussed in another thread that the venom buffs, while appreciated, are at its core heading in the wrong direction. Venoms on their own need to be redesigned at their untraited core, and then the traits can be looked into. Here are some ideas I came up with, on a somewhat high level (I won’t waste a dev’s potential reading time with calculations that would require field testing).

The objective of these changes: to promote more active/reactive use of venoms, give them use even when untraited and more alternatives to traiting for venoms without using venom share.

  • For the venoms themselves, maybe do what you did to signet of might on warrior, and make it so you can apply that condition on hit for X seconds instead of X hits. The biggest issue would be the immobilize and stun venoms, or venomous aura paired with this time mechanic. To avoid such problems, each venom would have its own duration, with the hard CC ones having a short duration. This would in turn potentially require a reduced cast time on basilisk venom. The biggest threat would be how this affects AoE attacks, as it would be a serious buff in AoE condi/CC application. Alternatively, just give venoms more charges, though i’m not particularly fond of that choice.

TL;DR: Make venoms unlimited but only for X seconds. Might become too powerful on AoEs, especially the hard CC venoms. Low hanging fruit (and kinda lame) solution is just “give venoms more gw2 gold us”.

  • Residual venom could also be reworked. This trait as it is isn’t particularly strong. Instead of “venoms have an extra charge”, what about venoms have twice as many charges (or, last twice as long, in line with the previous suggestion)? The CC venoms already have very little charges, so they’d stay basically the same, whereas the other venoms would see a significant improvement. With the suggested rework, it would have to have diminishing returns with venomous aura. Or even better, just put both Residual venom and Venomous aura on the deadly arts, so you have to choose between “lots of venoms for myself” or “few venoms for everyone”. This would also help keep venoms and venomshare from becoming too powerful with the suggested buffs, while adding meaningful choices to thieves speccing into it. just don’t forget to move leeching venoms somewhere else. It’s not exactly a strong trait to be on master tier, and being the only venom trait on an entire line would be odd.

TL;DR: Make residual venom give considerably more venom uptime, consider bringing venomous aura to deadly arts so players have to choose between applying lots of stacks themselves, or by spreading the venoms through a group. Just don’t forget to shuffle leeching venoms somewhere else as well.

  • Venomous strength could also be changed to “venoms apply one stack of might per successful hit” (with an added “per second/half-second” in the case of timed venoms), giving venoms an interesting play not only in condi builds, but power builds as well. A thief with both residual venom and venomous strength could use, for example, spider venom to quickly gain a bunch of might stacks, but only if he managed to actually land the hits.

TL;DR: Might per hit, rather than might on activation, rewards actively fighting for those might stacks, rather than precasting all venoms for a few stacks.

On venom visibility for other players: consider making venom icons pop over the thief’s head (if the thief isn’t stealthed, of course) when they’re used, like with signets. This gives the opponent a fair understanding of what the thief is trying to do, instead of “oh, i’m suddenly immobilized, what the heck?”

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