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How Many Times Have You Played Through S2 In Guild Wars 2

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Gates, three times, I think, with three characters. I initially thought I’d get achievements when I played through with the second character, but alas, nope, you have to repeat it with the same character. Yeah. Started into it with a fourth, mostly just to show the game to someone, but never went back to buy gw2 gold.

Second chapter, once with one character. I think. Might have done part of it with a second character. Maybe. At this point it was all starting to blur together into a red circle dodging / hokey pokey boss fight mess as the realization (This! Is! Living World!) began to set in and motivation to care, concurrently, began to plummet. I know I did one mission several times trying to get an achievement which blabbing NPCs kept preventing by blabbing on and on and on while the timer ticked relentlessly down. Then there was that dramatic, heart-rending scene which was almost dramatic and heart-rending until the talking started… and, much in the fashion of the Energizer Bunny, kept on going… and going… and going.

Dragon thing pt 1: Once with one character. To heck with the achievements. Sitting here trying to remember what even happened… oh, yeah. Let’s do stuff that’s been in the game, like, ya know, forever, but it will be like doing it again for the first time because now it’s part of the Living Story! Yay! Capped with the obligatory hokey pokey boss fight. Yes, I remember now why I forgot it.

Dragon thing pt 2: Once with one character, which was more than enough. To heck with the achievements. This time around, a twist: TWO hokey pokey boss fights! Be still, my heart. Only possible motivation to repeat that godsawful mess: to help a guildie get through it. Maybe. If they beg nicely.

Dramatic re-enactment (for entertainment purposes only): Ya put your right foot in, ya take your right foot out, ya put your right foot in, and you attack the boss until it’s invulnerable again, at which point ya put your right foot in, ya take your right foot out…

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