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Guild Wars 2 World Vs World Suggestions

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I played my fair share of World vs World and one thing i have noticed is the lack of Cultural Design, Diversity in gameplay, and “Wining by Zerg” method of well… winning. these suggestions are for either or both those problems.

More Traps
Traps are a fun part of the game that don’t seem to be utilized whether its the high cost or limited usage. the solution is more traps!

Survey Trap simply a trap that pings the location and amount of enemies in its range when set off. it would provide commanders with details about the enemy and would allow hit and run tactics to be easier done with better knowledge of enemy movement without sacrificing players as Scouts. this trap would cost 5 Supply.

Stun Trap this trap would stun enemies in a large area for 1 second. this would be a great defensive tool as well as an offensive utility. it would help shape large-scale battles as well as act as a backup strategy to catching runners. this trap would cost 10 supply

Spy Trap a trap that only effects whoever sets it off. it applies a debuff called Revealed that shows the location of the victim on the map to any of your allies in that zone. This trap, much like the Survey Trap would be useful for hit and run as well as spying. it would cost 10 supply.

More Blueprints
There are plenty of Siege weapons in this game, but there are a few more fun ones that could be added.

Charr Tanks I know this one has been suggested a thousand times, but i might as well suggest it again with my own take on the subject. The charr tank would be a mobile siege weapon like the Golem, but you must build it at a Keep with Proper upgrades. they are powerful tanks that are a bit faster then a player it holds a Driver and a Gunner. The driver obviously controls the tanks movement. They can also ram enemies groups, drop landmines around the tank, and Deploy a siege mode that makes the Gunners abilities more powerful at the cost of movement. The Gunner has an array of weapons like a Main Cannon that can fire at a wall, gate, or player. They can shoot a volley of Rockets that apply bleeding, they can shoot mortars while in siege mode. they can also use a flame thrower much like the engineer that apply’s burn to enemies hit.

Each Zone can only build One Tank per Team. they are massively powerful offensive and defensive weapons that are generally used as Zerg-Busters. The Cost to build one goes down if the team is in third place.

Portable Warp Gates (PWG’s) These are devices that must be built for 150 Supply. They create a temporary Way Point that cost Badges to use as well as gives you a 10 second debuff that makes you pretty much useless for 10 seconds. only 20 people can actually use the gate before it disappears. the gates last 2 minutes and cannot be built inside a Tower, Keep, or Castle. The PWG has a low amount of health so they can easily be destroyed by a single player if found.

Mercenary Contracts
Contract options would be obtained by helping the many races around each map. each one would be different, but activated the same way.

Each Tower, Keep, or Castle would have a NPC called an Ambassador. Players can buy Mercenary Contract Petitions that they can place on the ground. Once placed on the ground, the Contract requires an amount of players different per contract. Once enough players accept the contract, you must pay an amount of supply. once the conditions are met, the Mercenaries do their job.

Centaur Mercenary Contract Requires 5 People, Cost 50 Supply. only usable in Borderlands. This Contract creates groups of Centaurs that roam the paths around the map and kill Enemey Dolyaks and Sentries.

Skritt Conctract Requires 10 People, Cost 100 Supply. only usable in Borderlands. Once the contract is made a GUI will appear to all players who participated on the contract. it contains the options to all Towers and Keeps currently being occupied by an enemy, each player votes for the place they want attacked. After the voting is over, the winning Tower/Keep gets bombed by a group of Skritt that deal heavy damage to that Tower/Keeps wall.

Ogre, Dredge, or Hylek Contract Requires 10 People, Cost 100 Supply. only usable in Eternal BattleGrounds. it brings up a GUI that allows players to vote like the Skritt Contract. Accept contains Camps rather then bigger Targets. the winning 2 Camps get cheap guild wars 2 gold by the Race the contract is made from.

Bloodlust Waypoint
Right now bloodlust is important, but not important enough to cause players to really want to fight for it. this could be changed if the team in control of the Bloodlust had access to a Temporary Waypoint that cost Badges to use.


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