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An Idea For Precursor Crafting In Guild Wars 2

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Let me preface this by saying that I don’t care one way or another whether precursor crafting ever comes out or not. If I want another legendary, I will do whatever is required to get one.

I posted this in another thread and wanted to see what people think. as a possible solution, as there are many people unhappy with the current method of obtaining a precursor.

How about something like, 250 Mystic Clovers, 100 Bloodstone Bricks, 100 Empyrean Stars, and a Gift of (new item that is craftable, recipe bought from Miyani and similar to the other Gifts of recipes). This will all be thrown into the Mystic Forge to receive the Precursor that you were working on.

This could help give something else to do with the excess bloodstone, and empyrean in the game. It would also help to create more Tier 6 mats to help prevent the costs of those mats from skyrocketing. It could, however, cause the price of ectos to go up. As well as whatever mats would be needed to create the gift of precursor, which I think should be similar to crafting an ascended weapon already.

Of course you can still obtain by random drop, from the Mystic Forge, or by buy gw2 gold eu. Crafted Precursors come account/soulbound to keep from flooding the market.

You’re at least thinking about the impact that would occur for all of the materials which is a lot more than a lot of people are considering.

Your new idea would require 2,060,100 karma and 750 additional Ectos. The karma, or fractal relics and laurels, could act as a barrier to getting a legendary this route. To how much of a degree, I do not know.

I’ve attached a quick screenshot of what I did using 4 scenarios. I only considered the cost of the Gift of Fortune and the Precursor. Expect prices to a bit higher when you take into consideration the legendary specific gifts as well as whatever your specific precursor gifts would be.

Top Left = How things currently are
Top Right = If your method was added but had zero impact on prices
Bottom Left = Same as Top Right but with Ecto prices doubling
Bottom Right = Same as Bottom Left but with material costs increasing 50%

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