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Guild Wars 2 Quality of Life

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I’m super frustrated with the way PVE servers work. I understand they made big changes to them by making Megaservers; however the way servers work are still crap.

First off, myself and many others must spam ‘join party + esc’ over and over again to get onto a map with friends. I’ll usually do this up to 20 minutes and if nothing happens I will give up because my fingers start to feel irritated. I’m sure many other people do this longer. I know there are arguments saying, “You can spend your time not spamming join party and go off and do something else” but honestly I get a single chance each day to kill Wurm and Teq and its what I enjoy doing, not the ridiculous spamming of party mechanics.

Second , what drove me to write this post, is that if a disconnection happens whether on your end or ANETS end…You are kittened. I play a somewhat important role doing wurm kills, leading condition teams, and right before the wurm started tonight, after preparing for 25 minutes, the game tells me it lost connection to cheap gw2 gold. Well kitten. Not only will there be less coordination for whoever was relying on me to help out, I am now sitting here spamming to get back in and try to help. The 15 seconds it took for me to get back onto my character is less hurt to my guild than me not being able to participate at all… they don’t want some person who has just been spamming to get on the map.

TLDR; Make a queue to get onto a full map. And give disconnects some sort of window of opportunity to log back into the map.

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