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How Does Crafting Work In Guild Wars 2?

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In Guild Wars 2, crafting is the process one uses to turn component items to consumables or equipment.

In total, there are eight crafting disciplines, and only two of them can be active at a time.

However, it is possible for a player to switch to a new discipline at any time during game play. In the game, advancement in any discipline is designed to match the progress of the player throughout the game.

Such a design is effective in that it allows players to create items that will only be useful in the level they are playing. As a result, it prevents the chance of crafting unnecessary items.The eight crafting disciplines available to players are weaponsmith, huntsmen, armorsmith, artificer, leatherworker, tailor, chef and jeweler.

Crafting takes place in a crafting interface. To have an idea of how crafting is done, you may need to throw a few different items together in a crafting interface.

If you learn to create an item using this trial method, you will learn its recipe and have the possibility of using it at a later date. You cannot use items if you cannot craft an item.

Crafting Guide – Disciplines

Having a list of crafters and what they make can make your gaming experience more informed and easier. The disciplines are:

Makes light armor like Necromancers, Elementalist and Mesmer.

Makes medium armor for Thief, Ranger and Engineer.

Used to make heavy armor for Warrior and Guardian.

Used to make items like tridents, scepters, staffs and foci.

Making of warhorns, torches, shortbows, rifles, pistols, longbows and spear.Weaponsmith: makes a variety of weapons like swords, spears, shields, maces, hammers, greatswords, daggers and axes.

Makes rings, necklaces and earrings.

Simply makes food and dye.

Guild Wars 2 Crafting Guide – Gathering Raw Materials

Every crafting discipline needs raw materials for it to work effectively. With this in mind, there are three major ways you can use to get crafting materials:

This is done by going to various zones and gathering from resource nodes.

It is done by salvaging any drops you get that are not required. If you have an urgent need for raw materials, you can use coins / karma to purchase them from vendors.

Trading Post:
This should be used only when you have little time and a lot of coin.

The Crafting interface

Every interface used for crafting in Guild Wars 2 has two tabs: discovery and production. When you are accessing any crafting station, you should remember to use collectibles and bank tabs. They are incredibly convenient and will help with your overall progress in the game.

Production (weapons and armor)

Production is the place you use recipes you already know to make items. When you begin a crafting discipline for the first time, you will be provided with a set of starter recipes. These recipes are to be used to help you learn how to craft items.

Additional recipes can be gotten by buying from a particular craft smith or by discovering them using the Discovery Tab.Some of the sections of the production tab that might interest you are:

You will refine the materials you got from salvage / gathering in this place. Once you have refined them, they can be used as materials for crafting.

Crafting components:
The basic building blocks for various gear you make will be made here. These components take vendor brought materials and refined materials you made.

Inscriptions / Insignias:
Additional stats to your crafted armor are given by inscriptions and insignias. The stats given will be determined by the name of the inscription / insignia. Weapons, such as artificer and huntsman, are crafted using inscriptions while armor, such as tailor and leatherwork, are crafted using insignias.

This is the place you learn new recipes. Most MMOs require you to purchase any new recipes from crafting trainers. In Guild Wars 2, you combine two to three ingredients to learn new recipes. Note that this process is not as straightforward as it sounds.

For example, not all combination of items will work in discovery. A small text box appears when you combine items. It will inform you if there are any discoverable items from the chosen items.

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