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Guild Wars 2 Living Story Updates/2-Week Content

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Since the game first came out almost 2 years ago we haven’t received any substantial new content. If I bring a friend into playing GW2 for the first time, what can I show him that’s new that wasn’t around when I started? Dry Top, Fractals of the Mist, a handful of weapon and armor skins, a burnt Lion’s Arch and a living story he wouldn’t understand. Most new content has been put up for 2 weeks, then brought down again at the end of the two weeks, leaving the game with nothing more than it had before. I can’t go back to the big toxic tower in Kessex Hills. I can’t even go back into the Super Adventure Box.

I don’t pay a monthly fee. None of us do. But, that doesn’t relieve ArenaNet of the obligation of providing a fun and interesting gameplay experience. If it did, no one would buy Gems and the game would run out of money and fail. New and interesting content is the key to keeping people interested enough to pay for Gems, which fund the game. With that in mind, what can I spend my Gems on? Some skins, some infinite gathering tools, maybe some mini pets, some boosters, etc. Why not create a brand new zone and charge me Gems for access to this new exclusive zone? That wouldn’t exclude anyone from parts of the game because Gems can be obtained via gold in-game which anyone can get. Why not throw up a new dungeon and charge me Gems for that? ArenaNet, you need money and I understand that. Let me give you my money by offering me something I would legitimately pay for. I completed The Dragon’s Reach: Part 1 in about 3 hours. What am I supposed to do for the next 14 days?

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