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Guild Wars 2 WvW Group Build

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I’ve been playing necro for a long time and I love it to bits. I really love taking her into WvW and helping my guildmates. I started out using Ascii’s wellomancer build, or at least close to it. Then I incorporated some power aspects from spoj’s PvE guide, usually just switching out my armor (full zerk for PvE with scholar runes, knight’s for WvW with melandru runes) and my elite skill (flesh golem to plague).

Anyway, it’s been a long time and I know a lot has changed. I’m posting my current WvW build and would like some suggestions on how to make it better. Maybe it’s a complete mess… I don’t know. I feel like I do ok with it, but I’m sure it could be better.

I don’t solo roam. I am with a group, but sometimes (read, usually) that group is quite small – 10 people-ish. Sometimes I run with a bigger zerg in EB.

How I’ve used the build I have: pop plague and run through enemy zerg and back again, using blind. Then stay at flank or back line or tail commander and hit wells and marks. If I cut someone off I switch to axe/warhorn and get closer to melee range, using cripple, daze, etc. Also use DS quite a bit, but usually wait until my health is down.

To me, having a higher ferocity and power is better than having a really high precision, and with death perception getting into the 40s should be enough crit chance. I think my build caps out at 48% but I also use accuracy sigil on warhorn for now anyway.

I also agree that zerker/asssassin/cavalier is our best state combo.and for builds I’m personally a fan of 0/2/2/4/6, but 4/2/0/2/6 and 0/4/0/4/6 for the warhorn trait are cool too. With my build that’s not even complete yet, I’ve been able to buy gw2 gold like thieves for over 4k with life blast which is really strong.

I still don’t know what runes are ideal. I’d say that melandru are the best defensive set while scholar or strength are good offensive choices. Making howler has drained me of money so I won’t be able to buy any of those for a little while I’m afraid.

Also if you’re fighting a good enemy group, don’t use lichen form unless you’re cleaning up or they’re bound to lose. It basically just makes you a giant target for their heavies and hank squad to dispatch. Plague you do need to use smartly though, but to me it’s more so I can stay alive after making a positioning mistake so I can live long enough to get back to recovery. As a necro you should never die when your defensive skills aren’t on cool down or when you have life force.

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