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Guild Wars 2 Critique My Wvw Build

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Regarding soft CC, conditions i forgot to mention that the mango pies would be swapped for LGP soup in serious fights mango pies are just what I run in low intensity stuff like ETOM for monetary reasons. Like I said in my initial post I considered swamping STR 4 (distracting strikes cause i couldn’t think of anything better to put in that slot) to DEF 4 for cleansing ire, I haven’t really needed it but I haven’t been in many condi heavy fights with this build yet.

The discipline trait line, I know it’s blasphemous but I just don’t find fast hands to be the god mode trait people say it is, it’s a useful trait to be sure, but it’s loss can be somewhat compensated for by more careful management of weapon swap. Signet mastery, I miss signet mastery but going into discipline for it means i might as well go 6 in it.

I guess my goal was to make a build that A: I like playing, I don’t like Hambow it also lacks mobility, at least in WvW (I don’t spvp so it’s mobility might be adequate there). GS seems lacking as a weapon to actually fight other people with( although for the times when you need to run like a kitten it’s awesome 😛 ). That leaves Axe or sword, Axe also has a lack of mobility so sword it is. Then I wanted a range weapon so that i’m not limited to melee so bow is really the only option and it provides some nice AOE and CC. For offhand it can be swapped depending on the situation, but i like offhand mace plus i’m almost finished making Moot.

Uses the armor/Runes I already have I already have my ascended armor I don’t really want to make another set. This is also the set I do dungeons in so Melandru Runes are out and i don’t think STR Runes offer enough of an edge over Scholars to justify the cost.

Takes advantage of my high precision/ferocity from my armor/runes. I like the leg specialist/ opportunist combo with sword it gives me fury and immobilize on my auto attack chain and 2 skill and since im taking 4 in arms for that going 5 for the 10% dmg boost makes sense.

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