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Guild Wars 2 Season 2 seems set to deliver a much more expansion like experience than S1 did

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Season 2 seems set to deliver a much more expansion like experience than S1 did. We are rumored to be getting a new zone or part of a zone every month for the whole season. That should work out to 5-6 new full zones by the end, which is the same as an expansion.

I suspect we will see new weapons and hopefully new skills soon as well. Though to be honest 1-2 new skills is all you see in an expansion anyway, so not sure what people expect there.

New class and new race… I would like to see these, but I don’t see them happening without an expansion. Sure it is possible, but it seems more like a pipe dream than a reality.

Hopefully we will see new dungeons soon. I think there is a great possibility to include them in this season, I just hope they are totally new and full dungeons. This one is more of a wait and see. I however don’t see why this would be expansion only. We already got 2 fractals and 1 dungeon path from S1. They should be able to pump out bigger and better dungeons now that they have gw2 gold.

So you think they created Edge of the Mists and completely stopped. They’re not working on anything but living story. You have no evidence of this, you’re just presuming it. It’s a guess. Because you’re down on the game.

That’s how things work. You come out with something, you move to the next project. If you don’t believe that they’re working on anything, that’s absolutely fine. I remember lots of people saying they’re working on nothing before EoTM came out. Hell, even the journal is something that’s a big project they were working on that provides a lot of potential for the game to grow in new ways.

They’re still building the architecture. The megaserver was a big project. You think they’re just going to take everyone who worked on everything prior and put them all on the personal story?

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