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Guild Wars 2 Make Ascended Gear usable for Alt Leveling

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One of the things I hate most about leveling Alts (besides the new trait system) is the search for decent gear. Most players that have already reach 80 before don’t want to do it all over again starting from scratch. Why not allow those of us that have invested the time and gold into making Ascended/Legendary gear usable for leveling our alts. It would add more value and encourage Ascended crafting. Given the high price and minor stat boost between Exotic vs. Ascended the only real reason to invest in making it would be to either look cool or run high level fractals which seemingly not very many do. It could even help close the level gap from (80s only) dungeons and allow lower level players to function at equal/near equal effectiveness if its scaled correctly.

My idea is that it would be scaled down to Rare/Exotic quality gear for gear of that level. Additional attributes will also become available as you continue to level up like:
Ascended Berserker Gear
Lvl 1-20 (Power)
Lvl 21-55 (Power/Precision)
Lvl 56-80 (Power/Precision/Ferocity)
The only issue I can think of would be how Runes/Sigils would scale and stack. At least for me I never bothered putting on any until lvl 39 for Major components which still didn’t seem like it made a big difference.

When you say “leveling an alt,” do you mean playing the game with an additional character in a reasonable way, or do you mean “This is my 8th character and I want to power-level to 80 as fast as possible”?

Gear drops quite often, and you can get it from heart vendors as well. Or if you craft as you level, you will be rolling in excellent gear the whole time. If you aren’t crafting because you already leveled the respective discipline on another character, then have that character make the gear for your alt. Or, failing that, there is always gear on the trading post. And isn’t there a vendor in WvW who always sells level-appropriate gear?

Making Ascended gear is a huge grind. People will want to play alt characters WAY before they ever make their first Ascended piece. Also, I don’t see why people who have made Ascended gear should have an easier time with alts than the rest of us.

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