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Best craft to earn gw2 gold

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I have weaponsmith and armoursmith, still working on the rest. Weaponsmith is not bad.You will have to find the recipe on google but here is how it works.

Profession: Weaponsmith
Points needed: 375/400
Buy an Insignia(s) for recipe to craft a yellow from the NPC.

Make that yellow, I make the axe because I can use Mithril+Planks which makes gathering easier. I find a good place to farm the bones I need is the events in Straits of Devestation.

Salvage what you make with the best kit there is and get 0 to 3 Globs of Ectoplasm per weapon. Sell them for gold or use them for your own crafting saving money if you find yourself having to buy them.

Maybe not the quickest way to make guild wars 2 gold but farming mats is easy in Straits of Devestation, more fun than grinding elsewhere. All mats are free. Can sell instantly so no waiting for a buyer there are always lots of orders at good prices. Capturing the Temple of Balthazar gets in the way a tiny bit but of course that does mean you can be sure of being there to get your shards when it is taken!

Edit: Although it might not be the quickest way to get your Karma it isn’t bad especially if you can find a Karma Boost Banner. I tend to think of the Karma as a bonus. Sales from other drops also give a bit of gold, might not be that much but pretty good I think.

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