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Guild Wars 2 PvE Maps – Missing Depth

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I would like to make a thread about a topic that I have in mind quite some time now.
I’ve played GuildWars 2 since the release and something what bothers me further and further is the missing depth the maps have.

The issue can be parted in two different problems:

1) Missing depth in towns: There are no corners. You got wide places everywhere but almost no corners, secret places or alleys, very few accessible houses and confusing measurement for objects.

Basically, what I mean is, for the most part, if you can’t look behind a corner from afar, you probably wont be able to get behind this corner.

2) Missing detail in landscapes: I’m not talking about grass, trees or the texture quality. I am talking about the lack of realistic landscapes, caves, bays, hills, anything that would give some variety. There are already some things like that, but it’s not common. The areas without anything on it beside a tree or a rock are way too dominant.

I know these things are like they are for the sake of the performance but I hope this could be considered for future maps.

So what I’m suggesting is to get rid of big wide areas which are simply empty. Areas which fill no purpose but to be passed. I would like to give roads and routes more meaning by cutting of some other paths and by “concentrating the action” on those roads. The other parts of the maps shouldn’t be meant to simply travel through, that’s what the raods are for, but to be explored. Nice landscapes, that aren’t easy accessible, neither to see them, nor to travel to them.

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