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Guild Wars 2 Poultry

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There’s so many problems and angles with the condi meta in WvW that many players have pretty much taken to running -40% or -36% condi food all the time. There’s already dozens of threads covering this issue in the WvW forum, so I won’t go into it.

The -40% condi food, bowl of lemongrass poultry soup, is extremely expensive because it uses the very rare lemongrass and 2x slabs of poultry meat. Fine, whatever, it’s a top tier food and expensive as such.

Normally the next step down 65 level foods are a much more economical option for poor players, which you are if all you do is play WvW. That’s not the case with the -36% condi food, bowl of poultry and leak soup, because it still uses 2x slabs of poultry meat, which has become a very expensive item for whatever reason. It would be even more expensive if players were still not crafting it at a loss or dumping excess items on the TP, but surely that will end someday, and it has been steadily getting more expensive.

increase the poultry slab drop rate so -condi food is less expensive and we can stop wasting most of the pathetic amount of gold earned in WvW on food.

It costs so much because the demand is high and people don’t kill the things that drop it so supply is low. Increasing the drop rate won’t change many peoples playing habits therefore it will still cost about the same. If you don’t want to farm moas then earn gold in a way you like and buy gw2 gold, that is the purpose of the Trading Post to give moa farmers an avenue to gain gold from non moa farmers that want chicken soup. Whether you think the price is fair or not is irrelevant the price is determined by the market. From a game designee perspective the item is available to players in an adequate quantity for the purpose of its use therefore increasing the drop rate is unnecessary, however adding more avian enemies that drop it to the game maybe something to consider.

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