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Guild Wars 2 Mai Trin Now Impossible

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Well thinking about level 50 molten duo, I’m pretty sure that basically everything that touches you will either 1-shot you or come close to it if you have low health pool (an ele for example). Doesn’t that seem adequate when describing Mai’s attacks now?

The only thing that 1-shots you in this encounter at all is her teleportation projectile which has to be blocked. I don’t believe this needs to be changed because there’s a very obvious tell for it except perhaps make it only damage the person that she targeted. This seems fair, because it doesn’t make sense for the entire party to be instantly ganked due to someone else’s mistake. This reminds me of alphard’s bugged pull which would instantly kill anyone who didn’t evade it along with the whole party. I always thought that it was perfectly fine and great for it to OHKO the person who was pulled but not the entire party.

So putting that attack aside, what about the electric AoE projectiles that can’t be blocked and can only be dodged? Those once again have a pretty clear tell and I don’t really think should be changed.

Horrik’s AoEs are very easy to get away from giving you a good ~2 seconds to get out of the way.That leaves us with her regular attacks where she applies lots and lots of bleed stacks + deals lots and lots of damage provided you don’t move or evade once she starts hitting you. I don’t see anything wrong with them.

I agree with you about giving players more of an incentive to kill Mai Trin but I honestly don’t think she should be toned down. In fact, I think if anything the changes to her seem very in line, considering this is supposed to be our endgame content here. The only tweaking I’d support would be what I mentioned with her projectile teleport only damaging the person she teleports to instead of it being AoE, significantly increase the rewards (but not only for just Mai Trin, I mean for FotM in general), and removal of the pointless timegate cannon phase.

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