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Guild Wars 2 Get Better Equipment

In Guild Wars 2, the hero will get better and better as the game progresses. The hero will get better because he becomes more powerful with progression through the levels. The hero will also attempt to get better by getting more powerful equipment. This will guide the hero on how to get better equipment or items in the guild wars 2 game at each stage so that he will become more and more unstoppable as the game advances.

The guild wars 2 world Tyria is immerse and is divided up into various regions and stage. Within each small area or stage, the hero can defeat some monsters or mobs that happen to be wandering in that area. With the defeat of each mob comes the possibility of a random item or items popping up. These random items may make the hero more powerful by providing the opportunity for the hero to equip better equipment. Even if the mobs do not drop good equipment, there is the possibility of them dropping currency (or gold) and trophies which can be sold for currency. Quite rarely, the defeated mobs may drop a black lion chest or a black lion chest key.

There are other ways to get better equipment in Guild Wars 2. Find a merchant, weapon seller or armor seller and buy the equipment or items. To do this, the hero needs currency. Currency is needed for a variety of other important things in the game, including fast travel and making traits available. Hence the hero must be conservative when faced with the issue of trying to buy better equipment.

The other ways to procure better equipment include maintaining the good items and not letting them rot. Items or equipment deteriorate if the hero is defeated in combat. Then the hero will have to spend valuable currency to make it good again. Of course, the hero can always try to craft items.

It’s all about helping the residents of Tyria. In this case, the residents of the world of Guild Wars 2 are in various troublesome spots. As the hero goes about from the start of the game entering each instance to advance the class story, he will have the chance to help random NPCs along the way.

Repeat these processes through the world of Tyria to get better and better equipment.


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Guild Wars 2 Asura Leveling Guide

10 Tips For Leveling In GW2

The Guild Wars 2 leveling process can be tough for some people to handle, but there are a few tips that need to be used to make it easier for anyone to get to a higher level. This is particularly important because participants will have access to more advanced equipment and skills when they reach higher levels where they can do more things in the game.

  • It always helps to take part in more dynamic events. These include events devoted to killing foes, collecting items, destroying objects or giving assistance to people. Dynamic events have long been popular because gamers can get more experience even if they don’t form parties for getting into these events.
  • Crafting is important to the leveling process. You should get as many crafting items as probable. Gamers who gather and craft items are possibly going to to gain more cheap guild wars 2 gold. These items could particularly help people out more with regards to getting currency or getting more experience later on.
  • The WorldvsWorld (WvW) mode is always a great way to get experience. Gamers who capture more keeps can easily get more XP. It’s especially helpful for new players who want to learn the basics of the game.
  • Always take a look at any empty gold hearts in the game. These function non-playable characters that need help with certain things. Participants who complete these tasks can get more experience factors.
  • Try to take part in activities like Keg-all or Bar Brawls. They have small leveling impacts but they can still help anyone out when trying to get more xp factors.
  • Try to use a greater variety of attacks. This is a good Guild Wars 2 levelng tip because gamers who use more of a variety of attacks are more likely to get more experience that can be added towards different traits, thus making the leveling process easier later on in the game.
  • Player versus Player (PvP) battles are valuable in the Guild Wars 2 leveling process. However, it is best to engage in these battles with gamers at comparable levels. It’s a fair idea that may also provide for the most xp.
  • Take care of account quests early on. They offer more XP at the begin and can make it a little easier for the player to learn about one’s characteristics and functions.
  • Check every single zone in the game thoroughly. Odds are there may well be some leveling opportunities that a map won’t show.
  • Make sure to dodge and block in fights. The combat method rewards people with more xp if they are capable of getting as a result of combat without taking up as much damage. Knowing how to use the proper maneuvers may be the key to giving anyone an easier time with getting around a level as quickly as doable.

These are important points for Guild Wars 2 leveling that all participants should be utilizing and they should work well for participants to give them easier times, getting the most out of the game and also being more probably to get into the highest possible levels when they are enjoying the game.