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Guild Wars 2 Champ Farming Guide

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It’s really just aimed towards new players or players making new characters. It’s a level 20+ guide, but does recommend the second person be level 80.I feel this guide displays an awesome champion farming area because it’s easy (2 players only is my recommendation) and efficient.

There are several other benefits to doing this champion farming route in contrast to say.. the Queensdale or Frostgourge Sounds champion farming zerg(s). The benefits are:

•If you have a low or mid-end computer, you don’t have to worry about slow loading times, lagging within this large zerg, or being late to the fight. You’ll never be late because it’s just you and your friend doing this, taking down the champs one by one.

•If you have more than 2 people doing this at a time you will kill the champs too quickly and will have to sit around, rather than having a continuous and seemingly endless stream of champ farming.

•If you’re new or you’re rolling a new character, you don’t have to feel guilty or weird for asking your friend with a level 80 character to help you and farm with you as they will also be receiving their own champion loot bag.

•There’s a Vista and a Rich Iron Node right by the Spider champion, so you need to go through this cave anyway for Gendarrann Fields map completion.

•I recommend level 20+ because even if you’re that low, your level 80 friend will prob have aggrro 95-99% of the time anyway, so you don’t have to worry very much about dying. (The lower your level, the more I’d recommend you do this with a Guardian friend, however)

•You don’t need to have some high amounts of magic find or luck to make gw2 gold from this. I got lucky (with only 33% magic find) and was able to loot a Lord Taeres’s Shadow (yes, I know Taeares’ is misspelled by ANet, lol) at level 40 (I kid you not ?)

•If you want to bond closer with a friend or just want to blow off some steam or “waste’ some time, this is perfect. You guys won’t have to be in any sort of rush mentality, just hanging out with your best friend (or maybe your friend who is new to the game ?) and having a wonderful time making money, getting a bit (only a bit) of exp, and praying that within one of the bags will drop a champ bag weapon.

The benefits are pretty much endless, to be quite honest, which is why I highly recommend following this guide ? Thank you guys for watching and for all of your support.

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