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Queen’s Gold Farming Summer Edition 2013

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I wanted to get this information out to you guys while it’s valid. Because it may not be here forever or even be valid after this month. I touch on farming in the Queens’s Pavilion and out in Queensdale. All of this is very lucrative for you to do. That goes a long way towards achievements and money goals. Not to mention makes the journey to legendary items just that more easy.

Queens Pavilion

First up the Queens Pavilion method is easy. Follow the pack have plenty of bag space. And constantly put up items on the Black Lion market. For constant easy money flow it’s pretty to watch. Every 5 minutes or so two bosses will spawn. Everyone in the zone will zerg their faces off at them. Stay with those groups, and kill both bosses. You get a lot of drop loot so magic find is a must. The more you have the better your funds will be. Bosses drop exotics bags in Queens Pavilion. These have a chance to drop exotic items that even still now can go for several 100g. It also drops mats that sell for even 1g a piece. You can basically see here how speed actually is important.

The key here is you not so much the area. How fast can you move vendor throw things up on the auction? The faster you move the more you make. So this brings urgency to how dedicated you can be. Another thing to note if you have a zerg group doing Destroyers in between boss spawns. That’s zero downtime which makes it even more on how fast can you cycle through loot. So for the first time in the game you have an area that can be constant grind money flow. This method easily nets you 10-15g as long as you stay active every wave for an hour. If you get the system and method down that average gets better. As you learn to be faster and cycle through loot. The average can also sky rocket if you get lucky exotic bag drops.

Queensdale Champions Cycle

Now next I want to talk about farming Queensdale next. I show you guys the path I suggest and it’s variations. In no way is this “perfect” but it works. And well if you can get the server to all work together. People know who I am a bit, so they listen slightly lol. What you want to do is start from the Cave Troll Champion. Migrate north east of that to the bandit cave. Next take on the Bandit Champion. After that move to the Phinney Waypoint west of that is an Oaktree Champion. Once he is down move to the Khyrton waypoint to the north east. From there take on the champion spider North East of there.

Here’s the variation you can take on the spider or if the wasp champion is up at the logging camp. You can take her down then take out the spider and wait on the bore. But I don’t suggest that because you have ten and a half minutes to get back to the troll. So you can start the cycle again. So it would be this cycle to be safe; Troll, Bandit, Oak, Spider, and Boar. Then back to troll for the win.

Which is better?

Now you’re say why the hell would I do this? Well in the pavilion you usually take on two bosses every 10 minutes. Because of the length of time to beat them, and the respawn time. This means only 2 exotic bags in 10 minutes. This can be altered by good players dropping bosses really fast. But I’m not sure that matters maybe someone can test that idea out. And see if bosses still wait 10 minutes in cycles anyway. Out in Queensdale you will be taking on at average 5 bosses in 10 minutes. Downside to that is you won’t always get exotic bags out in Queensdale. But as you can see in this video I got 5 of them in a row. So that’s 5 lottery chances at an exotic skin which is nice guild wars 2 gold.

The average of Queensdale is a little lower than the Pavilion. Because it’s a lesser stream of loot. But it has a higher potential turn around due to exotics chances and RNG. So I leave it up to you on which is more beneficial. I’ve had 100g days from both and had times where nothing would drop. But I at least had the bare minimum 10g per hour. Good luck out there good hunting be legendary.

New Orr Gold Farming Tactics Non Exploited

Well now we have a new triangle for Orr. It’s a rather large one but boy is in lucrative to do it. I laid out a good route and champion rotation. That gets you easily 20-30 loot bags in a half hour. Follow your commanders they usually know what they’re doing. And might already know this, or will after this video. Also note it’s good to have res skills and a lot of healing. Makes life a whole lot easier and fun for you.

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