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Guild Wars 2: Opinion – Is Story Enough?

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Yesterday the final events for the “Last Stand at Southsun” Living Story went live, and the new Dragon Bash content was announced. Throughout the new iteration of Southsun Cove the wildlife of the island has been going crazy and attacking everything in sight, including other creatures. This all concluded with a massive, zone wide, meta event that requires players to clear four camps and then tackle a Karka Queen which plays out much like the other Dragon events found throughout the world. Once all is said and done and the dust settles new merchants are available to purchase exotic level gear from for gold and a good number of karka shells, found occasionally when you kill a karka. Looking at this new gear has many players worried.

The problem that has many players taking on the forums is that the gear you purchase has the same models as those you would get if you rolled a brand new character. While recycling skins is nothing new in gaming you generally don’t expect to see a max level character with the same look as a level one character. After all, max level means better gear, and better gear should have better looks right?

We’re aware that people want new armor skins. I want new ones as well, and we’re working on things. Armor skins are much more time/resource consuming and difficult as opposed to weapons.

Canah – The main villian of Southsun CoveBasically, it’s easier to redesign an entire zone, craft the story and characters, record dialog, and set up the events than it is to create new armor or weapon skins. Sorry ArenaNet, I’m not buying it.

What this screams of is a company that is either in trouble and cannot afford to pay the necessary staff to create what is expected, or that the resources are being mismanaged and not directed in a timely and efficient manner. I tend to think it’s the latter because of what was announced in the Dragon Bash content patch set to go live on the 11th.

When looking at what has been announced for the patch one of the key features is the new rewards that will be available. A new helm piece, new back piece skins, and new weapon skins. Given that they will have new designs present in this patch leads me to believe that content is being rushed and that lead to a panic on what to reward players with for the end of the Southsun Cove content.

The Dragon Bash begins June 11thWhile ArenaNet continues to be one of the best story tellers in the market at this time, sadly, only so many players will stick around for the story. You need to appeal to those players that play your game to collect things. That’s why you sell bag slots and bank slots in the gem store! Players want, even need, to have those collectible items so that they run out of room and need to buy more slots, which will continue the cycle and make gw2 gold.

The teaser for the Dragon Bash content that can be found at the end of the Southsun Cove content is very much shoe horned in to makes very little sense. I won’t spoil what happens here, but the reasoning is very poor at best, and does nothing to conclude the story that was being told. Upon playing that content I was stunned by the disjointed feeling that this final scene gave to the Southsun conclusion.

In the end, ArenaNet, you must go back to the beginning, where creating content was about creating meaningful content. Not fluff. Not stuff that will simply placate the players a little longer. Get back to what made you a great company and create significant, rewarding, content that players will be happy to talk about with their friends and will satisfy the player base. If you do this I guarantee that you’ll see word of Guild Wars 2 spread like wildfire in a positive way.

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