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Guild Wars 2 WvW Season One Hits Midpoint

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The World vs World (WvW) game mode in Guild Wars 2 allows players from three different servers, or worlds, to compete against hundreds of others on four large, player-versus-player maps. The success of these sieges and skirmishes determines the winning world for that week, granting players rewards and experience based on the success of their world. Season 1, announced September 6, changes the format by dividing worlds in leagues and providing more compelling prizes and achievements for players.

With three weeks of competition completed, eight worlds have gone undefeated. In North America, those worlds are Blackgate, Fort Aspenwood, Henge of Denravi, and Sorrow’s Furnance. In Europe, Vizunah Square, Desolution, Drakkar Lake, and Ruins of Surmia have seen only victory. The standings of all worlds are available on the ArenaNet leaderboards. Each world earns points each week (5, 3, or 1, depending on performance), so standings can change dramatically week to week.

Each player who participates in WvW earns weekly bonus chests, based on how their world placed that week. Completing the “Premier Season Veteran” meta achievement will earn you the title “Veteran of the Mists”, a Mini Dolyak pet, and a WvW Season 1 Reward Chest Key. After the season ends, the key will unlock a special reward chest, which will award the player based on their world’s overall performance. On top of those rewards, the top three worlds in each league will receive a special finisher action to defeat enemies who have been downed (health below zero). The finisher crushes your enemy with a golden, silver, or bronze statue, depending on the placement of the player’s world.

World vs. World Season 1 began October 18 and will run until December 6. The season was originally planned to start October 4, but was pushed back due to technical difficulties with splitting the North American leagues. The European and North American servers have each been split into three leagues, and within those leagues, each world will be matched with each other world at least once.

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