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Guild Wars 2 – Is Joining a Guild Worth it?

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Different players will join guilds in games for different reasons. Some do it for the friendships. Some do it so they have others to play with for things like raids and dungeons. Some do it because they love PvP and found a great PvP guild. Guild Wars 2, while it can help with all of these, goes a step further. It actually has content that is only accessible by guilds and their members. While people can always pick up random players for PvP, dungeons and raids, the guild missions found within Guild Wars 2 can only be done by guilds. This, to me, is a huge step towards building the desire to join a guild, but is this for everyone? The goal of this article is to look at what the guilds are, what the missions are and mean, and help better understand whether or not a guild is really beneficial to you, based on your personal play style and what you are looking to get out of the game.

What Content is Guild Based?

Really, the vast majority of Guild Wars 2, contrary to its name, can be done without a guild. As a solo player you can easily find groups for any content that you are not able to complete on your own, and picking up random players for groups is a normal thing as it is. There is just one area that actually requires a guild, which is the guild mission system.

Guild Missions

Guild missions are a way to give guilds something to work together to achieve. There are different types of missions that are available, and each one gives a new challenge. On top of this, each one has many different missions that can be chosen from (it is done randomly by the system), so even if you keep doing the same mission type you can do different ones. This helps keep the content fresh and exciting, since you never know what is going to pop up the next time. All in all there are a total of five different types of guild missions: puzzles, challenges, rushes, treks and bounties. A short overview of each is below (and these will all be covered more in depth in a future article):

  • Puzzles – these are puzzles that require more than just a couple of players. Unlike the puzzles that are found out in the world that are easily done solo or with a buddy, these require teams of players to work together. On top of this, they are also timed. As such, getting everyone through them quickly and effectively is important in order to be successful here.
  • Challenges – these require you to do what is pretty much just like a normal quest, only on a level that requires a guild to work together. For example, one of them deals with destroying five crystals and needs them to all be destroyed at the same time (plus they are spread out). Think of this as being like a quest on steroids.
  • Rushes – these have you get transformed in to a new animal that has special skills, where your goal is to get to the end of the race. You are not racing your guild, though, and instead are racing the clock. Different animals come with different skills and they are always related to the hurdles you have to go through in order to make it to the end.
  • Treks – treks send you across Tyria to find certain locations within a certain period of time. There are a lot of different ones, and they are also chosen at random. The goal is simply to rush to the areas where these stamps are, where the players must then claim them
  • Bounties – bounties have players rushing to find NPCs in different areas of the world. The NPCs for the bounties always roam, so it can take a while to find them even if you know the area. On top of this, until they are activated they will continue roaming, and you want to get the team together before activating them. This brings about its own challenge in that you need to keep up with them and organize the guild members accordingly.

As you can see, there is a lot of content here for guilds to take part in. To help get players to actually do them, they also come with some awesome benefits. Upon completing any of the missions for the week (which resets weekly), players are given guild commendations and a guaranteed two rare items or better, along with some silver. These rewards make the guild missions well worth taking the time to do each week, and help strengthen the guilds as a result.

What if I Do Not Like Guild Missions?

If you do not like taking part in guild missions, you will have to decide if a guild is worth it based on what you do like to do and what you think you will get from the guild. If you want people to chat with, for example, it can be beneficial. If you mostly just play alone and link up with other players from time to time on your journey, you may want to go without one just because there is no real benefit to being in one. Pretty much if you are doing anything within the game that does not involve guild missions, and you do not care whether or not you are always doing content with the same players from day to day, you can do just fine solo.


For players that want to be part of a team and want to really achieve things in Guild Wars 2, at least in the form of guild missions, joining a guild is a necessity. For those who are not as interested, the benefits are quite limited. The guild system does allow for forming up groups for doing content more easily, taking part in world vs world combat, etc., but at the end of the day if you are not going to be doing the exclusive content with them, they are not actually needed. With that said, I think that ArenaNet did an awesome job at creating a system that helps facilitate the need for guilds, and helps push the desire to work together with gw2 gold. This is something a lot of games do not have, and would benefit them greatly!

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